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Anyway, there is one girl in particular that I still find myself thinking
about from time to time…. Her name was (is!) Jessica S. I used to
fantasize about her like crazy…. She was about 5 feet 6 or 7 inches tall,
she had beautiful golden-blonde streaked hair, probably a 34-C cup; just the
really beautiful, sexy teenage girl-next-door look. She dressed like
most of the other whores of her age…. you know, baggy pants, etc., most of the
time. But in warm whether, like many of the other girls, she would wear
shorts, and at times like that, during my rounds in the classroom, I would
often catch myself sneaking furtive, lusting looks at her beautiful legs…..
Golden blonde hair on those legs, hair that became slightly thicker and more
pronounced as they worked their way up her gorgeous, tanned, brown legs.

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I was caught unawares by the first hot rush of Rob’s come
filling my mouth. It surprised me so much that I pulled my
mouth off the erupting penis, only to receive several more
gushes directly across my upturned face. I remember feeling
his come splatting across my nose, then hitting me directly
in the eye.

It was strange to see him shoot his sperm out like that.
I’d never actually been in a situation like that before,
but it certainly turned me on. And I continued to watch
with prurient interest as Rob’s orgasm began to subside.

His still very erect penis became covered with his own come
as the spurts became weaker and began dripping down his
shaft and into his hairy balls. I was about to take him back
into my mouth and do a little cleaning up when I heard a

I looked up and saw Beth standing behind Rob, a look of
total shock on her face. In that moment I realized what I
must have looked like to her, with her husband’s come all
over my face and my head between his legs as I held on to
the edge of their pool. It must have been a real sight!

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As I walk to the wall opposite Nicky I slip my hand in through the slit
in my skirt and give my pussy a rub. I’m dying to get off. The wet silk
clings to my slit. I give my clit a few gentle strokes. I glance over my
shoulder, Nicky is still working up on the ladder. Although now I’m too
far away to get a good look up her skirt. I turn back to the display case
in front of me My clit wants to be stroked again. I can’t do it here. My
hand goes down, I press my skirt up against my crotch. The pressure feels
good against my pussy.
“Would you like to try these on” says Nicky. I hadn’t noticed her come
over. As I turn to her I see she is holding out a pair of red thong
panties like the ones she is wearing. Automatically I reach for them. I
hadn’t told her I wanted to try them on. My hand feels the soft silk of
the panties, they’re warm, there’s no tag on them. I hold the silk up my
cheek it’s soft, smooth. The panties still smell warm, they smell of
“Shall we see if they fit?” I nod. Nicky takes the panties from my hand,
kneels in front of me. Her hands reach up under my skirt and begin to pull
my panties down.

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cable guy fucks teenage girl next doorBack on the screen, the man banging away on the girl from behind, suddenly got
up and rushed to her face. She sat up, taking both cocks in her hands. The
man that had been fucking her from behind began to cum. She started to suck
on his big dick, while spurts of jism escaped from her mouth and sprayed
across her face when she removed her mouth. The other man began to jerk
himself off as the woman sucked on the other pulsating cock. Soon, he too
began to cum. The woman moved to his cock, but several spurts landed on her
face and neck area before she could get it in her mouth. She had cum all over
her face as she continued to suck on the dick pumping sperm into her mouth.
As the man finished cumming, she returned to the first cock and sucked on it
longingly, back again to the second cock. As the scene finished, she said,
“Thanks for cumming boys.” Peter’s cock was so hard he could barely stand it.

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Back on the screen, two black men were having their cocks sucked by a white
lady. It looked as if she really liked to suck cock. She was deep throating
both dicks, one at a time while jacking off the other one. Soon they
exchanged places with one man fucking her from behind and the other
continuuing to be sucked on by the white lady. Both men were pumping away
furiously. “How does she get that much cock in her mouth,” Janis leaned over
and whispered to Peter. “I don’t know, having never suck cock before,” Peter
whispered back.

“You just relax your throat and concentrate, initally. Soon, its no problem
and you can take the biggest cock in the world,” volunteered the girl sitting
in front of them with a smile. She still had not pulled her tube top up and
was sitting there with her tits exposed. Peter was glad that he had asked her
to have a drink, but with her response, he began to wonder if she might be
carrying some type of disease. While not paranoid, Peter was concerned about
disease, as he knew both of his “charges” were. “Well, while we are having a
drink, we’ll discuss that,” he thought to himself.

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Justin and I went to Swiss Chalet for supper. After we went to Wendy’s got frosty’s. He gave me an advil and got me water. Then we went to see Disturbia.

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This time we made out so much, he’s getting really good at French Kissing, but he does shove my face into his hard. He touched my vagina, I think he was going to finger me, but didn’t know where to insert his finger because he was pushing on my clit. Well I gave him a hand job again. I kept feeling his penis moving and my hand was getting wet, he was already erect when I started to touch him. He felt up my bare breasts again. Justin was breathing really heavy.

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“Do you want to invite them to our room?” asked Peter quietly. “No,” said
Janis. “Who knows what you might catch!” “You’re right,” said Peter
dismissing the idea. Garolynn began to moan softly as she came again under
Peter’s fingering. “Oh God, Peter, I have to do something,” said Janis. A
woman on the screen was giving a giant cock a blow job. As Janis looked at
the screen, the man began to come wildly. Semen squirted all over the woman’s
face. It ran down her chest as he finished squirting on her tits. She raised
her left breast to her mouth and licked the cum from its nipple. The man
moved to her slit and began to lick the clit. Juices were flowing from her
cunt as her hips began to gyrate wildly to the movements of his tongue.
Screams began issuing from her lips as she began to cum. Juices flowed across
the face of the man sucking her pussy as she flailed wildly to spasms shooting
through her hips. Janis was so wet that she felt the wet spot soaking through
the dress that covered her pussy. She raised the dress as she began massaging
the swollen clit that ached in her crotch. Peter grabbed her hands as
Garolynn and he guided her from the theater. Janis could hardly make it to
the car. Janis climbed into the back seat as Garolynn climbed in behind her.
Peter watched as Garolynn bent over and began tounging Janis’s clit. Janis
began screaming almost immediately as waves of emotion rocked her body.

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teen orgyJanis’s mouth was dry at the end of the scene. She didn’t know how to react.
She had just watched two women making love to one another and nearly came as
the screen enacted what she had not considered until just the previous day.
Coupled with the two men blowing each other, the woman fucking and sucking
right in front of her, she could hardly stand herself. teen groupsexShe looked over at
Garolynn and noticed that Garolynn’s skirt was raised up so her pussy could be
seen by anyone who looked. Peter’s hand as slowly flicking her clit as
Garolynn involuntarily thrust her hips into his flicking finger. Janis was
going crazy. She had seen so much sex in the last half or three quarters of
an hour that if she didn’t cum soon she thought her stomach would explode.
All she needed was for Peter to flick her clit like he was doing to Garolynn.
She grasped Peter’s hand and moved it toward her pussy. As he touched her
thigh, she started to moan softly. Peter quickly moved his hand away. “Do
you want everyone in the theater to be over here as you cum?” Peter asked. “I
don’t really care right now,” Janis whispered. “All I want to do is cum.”
The girl in front turned around and grinned.
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As Janis leaned back on the couch, she saw another man sitting in the chair
next to the couch. He had a tremendous hard on. She was tempted to reach
over and touch it, but refrained. She felt a hand on her knee and moved over
toward Peter. “Peter,” Janis whispered. “This man is bothering me.” Peter
grabbed the man’s hand, “Take a hike,” Peter said firmly to the man. The man
scurried to the back of the theater. “I bet you would have like to lick that
dick,” Peter teased. Janis grabbed his cock through his pants and gave a
quick twist. “Ow,” giggled Peter.

Two women on the screen were making love to one another. One woman was
sucking on the other’s clit. She had a big dildo stuffed in her pussy and was
moving it in and out as she sucked on the clit. As the woman came, the other
rose and placed her pussy on the woman lying on the bed. The woman began
licking and sucking on the pussy that was nearly smothering her. Juices began
running down the woman’s legs as she approached climax. Soon she began
gyrating wildly, as each flick of the tongue on her clit drove her to ecstacy.

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whimpered quietly as she continued to watch the lady in front of her suck the
dick of the man sprawled across the couch. She could see the cock of the man
who entered with the woman plunging in and out or her cunt. The woman’s tits
were not as big as hers but as they hung there being pulled, massaged and
played with, they took on a larger size than they probably were. The man
being blown stiffened as he began cumming in the woman’s mouth. “NNNnnngggggg
– uh,” they heard the man grunt. The woman kept sucking on the cock as the
man at her rear increased his thrusts. Soon, a small grunt could be heard
from him as he shot his load up her cunt. The man sat back on the couch. The
woman pulled down her skirt and sat back on the couch. She turned and smiled
at Peter as he reached up and felt her breasts. They were small breasts but
felt firm and smooth. Garolynn was going wild as Peter’s finger furiously
rubbed her clit. She came in bursts, trying to pull Peter’s finger into her

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A couple entered the theater and seated themselves in the couch in front of
Peter, Janis and Garolynn. She had on a very short skirt and a tube top.
They watched the movie and as men began cumming on various parts of women’s
bodies on the screen, the woman in front of Garolynn leaned over and said
something to the man who had been seated on the couch when the couple arrived.
She then leaned forward and unzipped the man’s pants and began to suck on his
cock. Garolynn began squirming. “This woman is blowing this man right in
front of me,” she whispered to Peter. The man slid her tube top down and
began playing with her tits. The man that had come in with her got off the
couch behind her and began to fuck her. “Christ, this is better than the
movie,” Garolynn giggled. Janis, Peter and Garolynn leaned forward and
watched as the three continued fucking and sucking not 5 feet away. Garolynn
felt a hand sliding her dress up her leg and a finger found her clit.

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It was a run down looking affair that both girls agreed they would not enter
unless Peter was with them but since he was there, they all three went in.
Again, there was a sign that said escorted ladies were free so the girls got
in for nothing. Peter paid the $6.00 fee and they went to the theater door.
As they entered, the saw the theater had small dim lights allowing them to see
the seating was in couches that were scattered about with a large isle down
the middle. There were 8 or 10 people in the theater, most of which were
sitting in the back rows on either side of the door.

Peter led them to a couch on the right side. There was a large arm chair next
to the couch on the left side and in front was another couch in which a man
was stretched out with his feet on the couch in front of him. The three sat
down and began to look around. Almost immediately, a man from the back of the
room came and sat in the chair next to the couch. Janis was sitting nearest
the man, although about 2 feet away. There was much more light in this
theater and it didn’t take long before one could look around and see
practically everybody there. On the screen, two guys were screwing a woman,
one in the back and one had his cock buried in her mouth. She was moaning as
each man pumped the orifice to which his cock was attached. The man in back
pulled his cock from her vagina and came all over her ass. It was a large cum
shot with cum spurting from the end of his cock nearly to her head. Cum ran
all down her ass.

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“I have to go get dressed,” said J . “Wait just a few minutes and meet me in
the hall and we’ll go down to the meeting together. Want any breakfast?” “No
answered G . “See you in a few minutes.
When the girls got the Janis’s car, Peter was already there waiting. The
girls had on loose fitting sun dresses and Garolynn plainly was wearing no
bra. They all got in the car and headed toward a drive in restaurant that
Garolynn had suggested. The meeting had run longer than anticipated and it
was already 6:30 pm. All three were famished and all they wanted was a
hamburger, fries and something to drink. As they gulped down their food, they
wandered toward the theater that Garolynn had picked out from the newspaper.

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You, I wish I could cum like you do. I mean I have some orgasms but what I
watch you do makes mine look like I never cum. Is P the only one that makes
you do that?” asked G . “So far, yes. But then my love life has not been one
of thousands of guys. Maybe five or six.” “Me too, I think. My husband, a
boyfriend before that and two guys since I’ve been divorced. I have to be
kind of careful with my daughter and, since I leave her with my ex when I go
anywhere or stay overnight, he always knows what I’m up to. Not that he would
do anything. We’re pretty good friends, we just can’t live with one another.”
said G .

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Had it not been for the other night at the restuarant, I probably
still would be trying. He’s nice, I like him. And he is pretty intelligent
too. Whenever he says something, I find myself listening. He is a bit
critical at times and I think he should keep his mouth shut once in a while.
He does have good points most of the time but people have to be careful about
what they say in this outfit. Criticism is not high on the list of the things
that one should be doing. It sounds like there is more to your relationship
than just sex and friendship though?”

“Well, I don’t know,” said J as she put on her bra and began stepping into
her panties. “Maybe its just infatuation, but God, there is sure something
there. I just want to grab him and put him somewhere where no one else will
find him. When he makes love to me, I go completely beserk. He takes me over
heights that I have never been to before. When he gets me going, there is
nothing I wouldn’t do. I bet if he got me all heated up, I would fuck every
man at this convention if he wanted me to. I just can’t explain the way I
feel about him.” “Well, I have to admit, he is one hell of a lover. He sure
doesn’t have a big cock so we can’t blame it on that. He just says and does
all the right things and just about breaks you in two with a climax.

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He just seems to accept me the way I am.” J
replied. “Yeah, he never has really gawked at me either. I tried to get his
attention several times but he was always pleasant without really making me
feel like he wanted to squeeze my tits. Matter of fact, since we have been
making love this week, I’m not sure that he has paid them any attention.
That’s kind of unique. Most of the men I have made love with – and that’s not
many by the way – have tried to squeeze the damn things off my chest. P ‘s
pretty unusual.” G smiled. “Yeah, I know,” J said with a far away look in
her eyes. “He is the first man I have ever had an extramarital affair with.
He never pushed me. He just looked into my eyes one day in a meeting and I
knew he knew he could have me. We had casual touches and he flirted with me
over the phone until I practically ran over him trying to get him to make love
to me.” “Well, I’ve tried to get his attention several times to no avail.”