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Anyway, there is one girl in particular that I still find myself thinking
about from time to time…. Her name was (is!) Jessica S. I used to
fantasize about her like crazy…. She was about 5 feet 6 or 7 inches tall,
she had beautiful golden-blonde streaked hair, probably a 34-C cup; just the
really beautiful, sexy teenage girl-next-door look. She dressed like
most of the other whores of her age…. you know, baggy pants, etc., most of the
time. But in warm whether, like many of the other girls, she would wear
shorts, and at times like that, during my rounds in the classroom, I would
often catch myself sneaking furtive, lusting looks at her beautiful legs…..
Golden blonde hair on those legs, hair that became slightly thicker and more
pronounced as they worked their way up her gorgeous, tanned, brown legs.

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scurried to the back of the theater. “I bet you would have like to lick that
dick,” Peter teased. Janis grabbed his cock through his pants and gave a
quick twist. “Ow,” giggled Peter.

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