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When I awoke, Iana was gone. Disappointed at not finding her beside
me, and at not having a second chance to make love with her, I arose and
dressed, and then went to find her. But alas, the wind of fate turned ill,
for she and her sister had left at dawn to attend to some business of their
father’s in Sil, and I left without bidding Iana farewell. That would be
the end of my tale, had I not met up with another minstrel who left the inn
at the same time as I. His path paralleled mine for a while, and we
exchanged stories of our entertainments of the previous night. By chance I
told my tale first, the one which I have just related to you. More than
once my fellow traveller seemed as if he would interrupt me, and his face
wrinkled first in confusion and later in amusement, but never spoke until I
had finished my tale and he commenced his own. Now, my friends, imagine, if
you can, my consternation upon hearing that my companion, too, had kept a
rendezvous with Iana that same night, right at moonset.