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Calvin told Keri to roll over and licked her nipples. Soon his
fingers found her pussy. He lightly stroked her soft furry mound.
Just aimlessly moving his fingers over her pussy, between her lips,
in her hole, very gently touching her clit.

“Keep working on my pussy. I love having my cunt stroked like that”

Keri began to tingle all over signaling an approaching orgasm. It was
a subtle one but it felt real nice. Keri gently rocked her hips and
purred as Calvin made her feel wonderful.

“Wait” said Keri. “I have a better Idea, but with this idea you have
to take all of your clothes off.” Keri grins evilly and in no time
yoru clothes are all off and standing before her stark naked. She
appraises you approvingly.

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“AAaaaahhhh. Oh. Oh. Ohhhhh!” I am being driven over the edge. You
move one hand down to my clit, and press your body closer to mine. I
can feel your breath in my ear. You begin biting it, pulling on it
with your teeth, forcing my head to arch back further.
whore pussy “Stay like that.” Your request is a hoarse whisper, betraying your
weakening self control. With my head arched back, my hair cascades
down to the middle of my back, well below the shoulderblades. You
bury your face in the silkiness. Nuzzling it, plunging slowly but
deeply into me, squeezing my clit between two fingers at the same
time. I reach down a hand to help you, to guide you to the right
spot. With my hand on top of yours I rub myself, and rock against
you, until, “Ahh! Ah! Ah! Uhhhhhhh…. unnnngggghhhh!” I am shuddering and
coming, my ass squeezing *hard* with each spasm, my knees locked
straight. Even as it subsides, it is too much for you. You rise up
and begin fucking me harder and harder, our bodies mashing into each
other. You are grunting, and I am moaning, my voice rising to a
fever pitch. I don’t care any more who hears us it just feels so
damned good!

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“Please suck on it. Now.” The urgency in your voice is an aphrodisiac,
and I begin sucking and biting, harder than I did before.

Your head arches back exposing your neck, and I move my biting up
your chest to that inviting flesh. You move your hands to grab my
ass, as I bury my face in your neck, biting, kissing, sucking…..
babe fills her cheeks with dickThe slow sensuous fucking has turns harder and harder as we both lose
control, moaning and gasping. Our lips find each others, slippery wet
and sticky. They slide across, melt together, tongues entwining.
You are almost coming, almost, almost… and I stop. I pull my face
away from yours.
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