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Justin and I went to Swiss Chalet for supper. After we went to Wendy’s got frosty’s. He gave me an advil and got me water. Then we went to see Disturbia.

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This time we made out so much, he’s getting really good at French Kissing, but he does shove my face into his hard. He touched my vagina, I think he was going to finger me, but didn’t know where to insert his finger because he was pushing on my clit. Well I gave him a hand job again. I kept feeling his penis moving and my hand was getting wet, he was already erect when I started to touch him. He felt up my bare breasts again. Justin was breathing really heavy.

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You, I wish I could cum like you do. I mean I have some orgasms but what I
watch you do makes mine look like I never cum. Is P the only one that makes
you do that?” asked G . “So far, yes. But then my love life has not been one
of thousands of guys. Maybe five or six.” “Me too, I think. My husband, a
boyfriend before that and two guys since I’ve been divorced. I have to be
kind of careful with my daughter and, since I leave her with my ex when I go
anywhere or stay overnight, he always knows what I’m up to. Not that he would
do anything. We’re pretty good friends, we just can’t live with one another.”
said G .

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Janis began to sit up as she watched Garolynn fistfuck her. She had never
seen that before and found it interesting that something as big as a fist
could be in her cunt and still provide the pleasure that she was deriving.
Peter noticed Janis watching Garolynn and said, “OK, so now that we have all
finally cum, lets play fantasy and do whatever someone else wishes, as long as
it doesn’t hurt either party, OK?” The girls thought a minute and then both
agreed. They checked the clock on the TV set and it was only 10 pm so Peter
said, “Janis, what would you like to see?” Janis thought a minute. “I don’t
know,” she said. “I guess I would like to see two guys sucking and fucking
but we don’t have that situation. How about if you fist fuck Garolynn. If I
like what I see, maybe you can fist fuck us both.” “OK, but you’ll have to
get her juices flowing,” Peter said.

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At the same time, I closed my lips around his cock as he began to
ejaculate. His thick hot sperm splattered into my mouth and I swallowed every
drop of it, swirling my tongue across the head of his cock as semen pumped out
of him. I licked him clean, gulping it all down greedily.

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“You …. uh …. shouldn’t be doing that, Miss Taylor,” he said half
“It’s O.K. Kevin. Why don’t you take your clothes off for me,” I
whispered hoarsely, my hand between his thighs.
Kevin had no idea what to do, so he slowly began stripping himself, shirt
first, then pants. I could see his self-consciousness as he dropped his
pants, his penis standing out in full naked erection, a long, thick pole of
throbbing flesh and blood.
We stared into each other’s eyes. I reached down and took his hands, and
placed them on my breasts. Hesitantly, he began to knead my flesh through my
blouse and bra. I unbuttoned my top slowly, moaning a little as I slipped the
fabric over my skin.
I reached around and unhooked my bra, uncovering my large, firm breasts.
The nipples were an angry pink, swollen, hard. Then I undid the button at the
waist of my skirt, slowly unzipped the side, and then turned around, my back
to Kevin. I lowered my skirt over my buns and bent over to remove it
completely. When I stood back up, I was naked except for my panties, my
stockings, and my high heeled shoes.

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Sexy ass Laying on the bed, your breathing ragged, you try not to move. The
jelly on your nipples jiggles with each strained breath. Some
dislodges and begins to trickle down the side of your chest. You are
trying desperately not to squirm, but it tickles so much. I watch
your discomfort with delight, but I don’t let you suffer for too
long. I bend forward and extend my tongue to lick up the sticky
drip. Starting near the bedsheets, practically at your back, I
slowly, oh so slowly, bring my tongue all… the… way….. up your
side. My mouth hovers over your nipple. My breath is making it warm
and the jelly starts to run again. I flick my tongue out to catch
the drip, and then flick it quickly across your hardened nipple. You
groan, and try to jam yourself deeper into me, without moving your
chest. Your pelvis is amazingly flexible. I smile and bare my
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Finally, our hunger is sated, and we recline back on the bed. You,
with your head on the pillows, me, laying the other way, with my toes
tickling your arm pit. I lick off sticky fingers, put a pillow on
your feet, and reach beside the bed to pull up a book I have
purchased, just for this occasion. It is a collection of erotic
stories. As you sip on your coffee and eye that last cracker, I
begin reading aloud to you. The story has the desired revitalizing
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Your cock begins to stir, to stiffen as the words roll
languidly off my tongue. I softly move my free hand to your groin, and
begin drawing circles on and around your balls. I stroke the
lengthening shaft gently, my touch getting more firm as the story
heats up. You move the plates off the bed, and on to the night
table. The story is almost done, but you don’t wait for the finish.

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The sunscreen makes me glisten, though I was already
beginning to do so just from the sun’s heat. I spread it all
over, being sure to let him see how I tucked it under my top and
massaged my inner thighs. I lifted first one leg and then the
other (a little Jane Fonda workout, here!) as I did the backs of
the calves.

Just as I was finishing my front, my audience got up from
his chair and walked over–a bit stiffly, as he was trying to
hide a nice erection. His buns hardly wiggled as he walked–a
real nice ass. He offered to put the oil on my back (men are SO
predictable!). Well, I thought I’d let that one linger a bit as
I opened a Calistoga and gave it a nice suck, and then found out
his name was Bill, that he had gone to the same JC as I, and that
he was indeed a few years younger than me. I handed him the oil
and flipped over onto my stomach. I reached behind and undid the
knot at my back and asked him to go ahead.

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I began lightly stroking her thigh, and gradually moved up under her
dress. Her stockings went all the way up to her waist, and I figured
it would be a bit forward of me to pull them down, so instead I moved
slowly inward. Before my fingers reached their destination, Sharon
arched and twisted her hips – and my fingers met the warm, wet stocking
material. Wow. It’s one thing to get intense pleasure, but it was
a rush of a different sort to know you are *giving* it right back!
Soon, little moans and gasps were coming from her beautiful lips, and
I felt like it was time for her to lose those stockings, at least!
Evidently, she felt the same way – before my hand found the top of the
nylon/panty part and pulled them down, her hands were already at my
belt. I could only imagine the feeling I was about to experience.

No I couldn’t! Not even my imagination prepared me for the incredible
sensation that went through me. For a second I couldn’t see or hear
anything – my entire attention was focused on the FEELING of her
loving hands, gently caressing. Then my whole body shook as waves of
pleasure crashed over me, and I crushed her to me as though she
couldn’t get close enough. I felt her hands guide me inside her, and
I felt warm wetness as I slowly slid in all the way.

At this point, words fail me. I can barely keep my fingers from
termbling as I type this. I remember never having felt so excited,
loved, aroused, and happy all at once. I remember I was supporting
myself slightly with my arms, as I pushed back and forth – and I
remember my left hand was digging into the grass and brown earth in
my uncontrollable passion.

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But suddenly she stopped and pulled away from me, and lay on her back
next to me. There was a beautiful, contented/thoughtful half-smile
on her pretty lips. I took a second or two to catch my breath, but
I knew I couldn’t let those lips go unkissed much longer. I rolled over
until I was partially on her, and gave her a long, slow gentle kiss.
She put one arm around my next and drew me to her for more kissing, and I
felt the other arm work its way to my chest, and slowly start to undo
the buttons on my shirt. Her cool hand went inside and massaged my back,
side, and chest. By this time, I don’t need to tell you that I was
having a natural reacton (for the circumstances), and it was the biggest,
hardest reaction I’d ever had in my life! I had accepted it up until
this point, because I had been lying comfortably on my back, but now,
in this new position, I had one leg draped over hers, and my whole
lower body was pressed against one of her luscious thighs.

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I’d found
out early it wasn’t what’s inside that first attracts a woman, it’s
what they think they see on the outside. At least, that’s what I
thought. But now that I was “attractive”, I still wasn’t meeting
anyone. Hmmm…

I always thought I was “husband material” – you know, successful,
intelligent, didn’t drink, smoke, do drugs, and so on – but then again,
not having had the opportunity to be very social, what did I know?

One day, I was attending a company meeting at work, and across the room I locked
eyes with an angel. She was gorgeous! Blonde hair, bluegreen eyes,
and as much as I could see of her figure were all heavenly. I felt like
a lifetime of needs and desires had somehow swirled together and conjured
up this vision of loveliness. I forgot my shyness – I HAD to know who
she was, and get to know her.

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Shall I ignore his protests that I stop tormenting his caged lust?
Should I bend down in front of him as he gazes into my eyes? Or should
I chastize him for the unspoken lust that his eyes are pleading to me?

I think I shall give him some of the loving he is so eagerly asking
for. Please my sweet, let me have you just one more time. The quick
fuck in the meadow had not quenched her desires much, Daddy, please
don’t be mad at me. I didn’t mean to make you hard before dinner. But
dinner is over now. Would you like some dessert? Like a faint breeze
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Before you get started reading this adventure, let me explain
something here. I have grown tired of reading other text files from
this board that contained a bunch of bullshit. If it is a fantasy
that one would like to happen, then they should say so. I would
like to hear of other peoples adventures in sex, real ones! To me
reading about real happenings is a much better turn on than reading
someones imagination. The following story is absolutely true and
did happen as written. It may be small and even seem a bit ‘so
whatish’ to some people, but oh well its my memory.
Here I was, a virile 18 year old at the time of this adventure in
my life, was a thin male, 6ft tall, and still a virgin. Had a
fingerfuck experience with a girl earlier that year but that was it.
It was a very hot and humid day in sunny south Florida. I had
driven to my favorite beach located next to a state park in southern
florida. This beach area does not have lifeguards or ordinances
against dogs or drinking or anything for that matter.
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