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teen orgyJanis’s mouth was dry at the end of the scene. She didn’t know how to react.
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Coupled with the two men blowing each other, the woman fucking and sucking
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seen by anyone who looked. Peter’s hand as slowly flicking her clit as
Garolynn involuntarily thrust her hips into his flicking finger. Janis was
going crazy. She had seen so much sex in the last half or three quarters of
an hour that if she didn’t cum soon she thought her stomach would explode.
All she needed was for Peter to flick her clit like he was doing to Garolynn.
She grasped Peter’s hand and moved it toward her pussy. As he touched her
thigh, she started to moan softly. Peter quickly moved his hand away. “Do
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don’t really care right now,” Janis whispered. “All I want to do is cum.”
The girl in front turned around and grinned.
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whimpered quietly as she continued to watch the lady in front of her suck the
dick of the man sprawled across the couch. She could see the cock of the man
who entered with the woman plunging in and out or her cunt. The woman’s tits
were not as big as hers but as they hung there being pulled, massaged and
played with, they took on a larger size than they probably were. The man
being blown stiffened as he began cumming in the woman’s mouth. “NNNnnngggggg
– uh,” they heard the man grunt. The woman kept sucking on the cock as the
man at her rear increased his thrusts. Soon, a small grunt could be heard
from him as he shot his load up her cunt. The man sat back on the couch. The
woman pulled down her skirt and sat back on the couch. She turned and smiled
at Peter as he reached up and felt her breasts. They were small breasts but
felt firm and smooth. Garolynn was going wild as Peter’s finger furiously
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Amongst a group, she tended to be rather reticent and introspective,
electing to keep her own counsel. It was only when we were alone, and others
had departed a lunch-table discussion, that she’d whisper an opinion on the
topic(s) of discourse: usually a sotto “My ass!” or drawn-out “Bulllllshiiiit!”
delivered disdainfully from the side of her mouth.
Despite the fact that Norma (or was it just her scent?) was a constant
source of distraction for me, I never made any moves to get intimate with her.
I liked things just as they were; Norma was a friend, a pal. Perhaps
subliminally I was a bit intimidated by Norma. Her inherent assertiveness
frustrated any overtures, sexual or otherwise. She was also five inches taller
than me.
It was just before Christmas vacation that Norma acted out of character. It
was the first time I had ever seen her wear a skirt, a full pleated affair in
some vaguely familiar tartan. At the end of Sociology II, as we stood up,
gathering our books, she quite casually said: “Well, what the hell, have a
happy holiday,” and planted a kiss full on my lips. For the briefest of
microseconds, I felt the tip of her tongue caress my mouth. With perfect
aplomb, she tossed a coat about her shoulders and left the classroom.

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“Mmmmmmmm, sound delightfully delicious” she laughed. “There are a
few fantasies I want to act out that I never had the opportunity to
do before.” she said, with a mischeiveous glint in her eyes.

We went up to the room and and unpacked everything. Keri rub her
shoulder and said that someone should redesign those airline seat and
make one that a human can sit in comfortably. She said that all that
flying in those uncomfortable seats has made havok to her muscles.
Me being the quick one one that I am (in more ways than one) walked
over to Keri and started massasing her shoulder.

“Oh that feels so good” she moan.

“You know,” Calvin said with a sly grin on his face, “it works alot
better if I could Massage your skin rather than your clothes. It
usually works better that way.”

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Sexy ass Laying on the bed, your breathing ragged, you try not to move. The
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trying desperately not to squirm, but it tickles so much. I watch
your discomfort with delight, but I don’t let you suffer for too
long. I bend forward and extend my tongue to lick up the sticky
drip. Starting near the bedsheets, practically at your back, I
slowly, oh so slowly, bring my tongue all… the… way….. up your
side. My mouth hovers over your nipple. My breath is making it warm
and the jelly starts to run again. I flick my tongue out to catch
the drip, and then flick it quickly across your hardened nipple. You
groan, and try to jam yourself deeper into me, without moving your
chest. Your pelvis is amazingly flexible. I smile and bare my
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I sit in a chair, in just my jeans. SaltGirl is kneeling,
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talking on the phone to his “new lady friend”.
“Ooh,” I say, “I’ve got an idea.”
“Okay, here’s the plan: You come over here and make me come
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SaltGirl’s eyes open wide. She knees her way on over and bites
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The office party had dragged on too long as I slipped the note into your pocket
before I left. It reads “Hurry to my apartment, I have a surprise for you!”
You quickly say your goodbyes and headed for my place.

I open the door quickly to your knock and you enter. The only light comes from
several scented candles placed around the room and you notice that the bedroom
door is closed.

“Care for a drink?” I ask you. I am wearing a black satin robe, tied loosely at
the waist, and you wonder what I have on underneath it. You also wonder what
the surprise is.

“No, I had enough at the party.” you say. “I know you’re wondering what the
surprise I mentioned is…” I say, untying the sash on the robe and letting it
fall to the floor. I slip out of the gown and I am wearing a black lace corset,
and a garter belt with black seamed stockings. The corset barely covers my
breasts and you see two hard nipples staring at you invitingly. You reach out
for me, but I avoid your hands.

I run my fingers over my nipples, caressing them, feeling them grow even
harder, feeling my cunt grow warmer and wetter. “This is not the surprise,
Walt. I think you will like THAT even more!” I knock lightly on the bedroom
door and it opens from the inside.

“This is my friend, Hilda…” I tell you, as a tall dark haired woman
enters. She is dressed as I am, only her outfit is red and her green eyes flash
in the candlelight.

“Well, Ariel, ” she says, in a low husky voice, “I must say I admire your taste
in men.”” “Shall we all go into the bedroom?” I ask. “Let’s help him get rid
of his clothes, first,” Hilda says, moving to you and unloosening your tie.
“Oh yes, good idea!” I say, giggling and together the two of us have you
undressed in no time. Each of us taking one of your arms, we head towards the
bedroom and now you can see a large round bed covered in black satin sheets.

“This is going to be fun,” I say, with an evil smile…as we walk into the
bedroom, your mind is whirling with thoughts of what awaits you at the hands of
these two sensuous women. “Lie down on the bed, Walt,” Hilda orders you and
you crawl into the middle of the large, comfortable bed and lie on your back,
seeing your reflection in the mirrored ceiling.

I stare at your erect cock, licking my lips. As one, Hilda and I join you on
the bed, she to press her mouth to yours and I to kiss and tongue your cock. As
I work my mouth along the shaft, I caress your balls with my hands. Hilda is
enjoying a tongue dance with you and her mouth is drowning out your moans. I
move one hand to her sopping cunt and slide a finger in, getting it wet with
her juices. I then move that wet finger to your asshole, smearing the juices
around it and as I plunge my mouth down on your cock, I dart the finger into
your asshole. When I do, you thrust your hips upwards, shoving every inch of
your cock into my mouth.

“Mmmmmm, what a wicked tongue you have…” Hilda purrs, and she turns to
straddle your face, her dripping pussy inches from your mouth. At the same
time, I straddle your hips, and, holding your cock in one hand, I center it at
my own steaming cunt, and slowly lower myself onto it. Hilda and I are facing
each other now, and as I ride your cock, she is riding your tongue, both of us
moaning in delight. I reach forward and begin to stroke her breasts and she
does the same to me, rolling my hard nipples between her fingers. I lean
forward to kiss her, and as our mouths meet and tongues intertwine, my cunt
clamps down around your cock and I cum, letting loose a flood of juices that
drip down onto your thighs. Hilda cums too, filling your mouth with her hot
honey, and my mouth with her hot moans. She climbs off of you and walks over to
my dresser, where she removes my favorite dildo from one of the drawers.

She stands by the bed, watching as I continue to ride your hard cock, wanting
to cum again, wanting you to cum too. She slowly slides the dildo into her
sopping snatch, and plunges it rapidly in and out several times. Then she
climbs onto the bed behind me, and pushes me forward so that I am on my hands
and knees, your cock still in me. She places the head of the dildo against my
tight asshole, smearing the juices on it, slowly working the head of the dildo
into me.

You are watching this on the mirrored ceiling, not quite believing what you
are seeing. The further in that Hilda pushes the dildo, the tighter my cunt
grips your cock, and the faster I ride. Each stroke is a long one, so that just
your cockhead is in me at the end of each one, then a fast plunge down to the

As Hilda continues to move the dildo in a little deeper with each stroke,
her other hand has moved to your asshole, where one long finger begins its slow
journey into your anal tunnel. Finally, the entire dildo is in my ass, and she
begins moving it in rhythm with my cock ride, as her finger keeps pace in your
ass. You can feel the dildo against your cock as i ride you. The combination of
sensations is too much, and I cum with a loud scream just as you erupt in hot
jets inside me.

“Yes! YES! YYYYEEEEEESSS SSSSS!” I scream, shaking and quivering with the
intensity of this orgasm. As I feel you start to slip out of me, I feel Hilda
slip the dildo from my cunt. She hands it to me, and then buries her face
between my legs, licking up our juices. As you watch her voraciously eating me,
your cock begins to harden again. I plunge the dildo in and out of Hilda’s cunt
as her tongue laps at my cunt.

She notices that your cock is hard again and with a wicked smile she says
“Think you are up to ass fucking me?” and gets on her hands and knees in front
of you. You kneel behind her, and place your cockhead against her puckered
hole. “Don’t be gentle, ” she tells you, “I want you to rape my ass with your
cock!” With that, you roughly shove your cock in to the hilt, burying it
deep. You spread her luscious cheeks apart, so that you can push in further.

“Yes!” she moans, “Fuck my ass now!”

As you begin thrusting in and out, I move beneath her and tongue her swollen
clit. I watch your balls slap against her pussy with each thrust and it excites
me so much, that I begin fucking myself with the dildo, keeping time with your
plunges into her ass and my tongue strokes on her clit. As I feel myeslf
getting closer, I begin to tongue fuck her, tasting her juices, feeling her
cunt contract around my stiff tongue. You are the first to cum, filling her ass
with your pulsing streams, and I follow shortly, my cunt clamping onto the
dildo tightly.

“Don’t stop!” Hilda moans, and I don’t know if she means you or me, so I
continue darting my tongue in and out of her, licking at her clit, as you
continue to fuck her ass.

“Oh God, I’M CUMMING!” she screams and her hot honey covers my face. I do my
best to lap it all up, but there is too much. You slip out of her and fall onto
the bed, exhausted. Hilda collapses next to me with a contented sigh.

“Mmmmm,” is all I can manage. “Let’s all shower,” Hilda says, and I look at
her, the evil glint in her eye matching mine. The shower stall is huge and
there is planty of room for the three of us. I turn on the water and adjust the
temperature and the spray so that it is a hot, pulsating stream. As I bend over
to adjust the faucets, you approach me from behind, grabbing my hips and
grinding your groin against me. Hilda presses her warm full breasts to your
back and reaches around to give your semi-erect cock a none too gentle squeeze,
as if trying to urge it back to its full hardness.

“I dunno,” you say. “I may need to rest for a while.” Hilda and I smile at
each other, knowing there will be no rest for you until the two of us are fully
sated. The water set to a comfortable temperature, I turn and kneel before you,
kissing down your belly and thighs, teasing you, watching your cock quiver and
bob as it slowly returns to its former erect state. As it grows, I begin to
lick along the turgid shaft, sucking your balls into my mouth gently, then
licking back up to the head of your cock, teasing the tip with my tongue.

At the same time, Hilda kneels behind you and gently parts your ass cheeks
with her hands. She slowly runs her wet tongue around your asshole, then
suddenly darts her tongue into it, just a bit at first, wiggling it slightly,
then she worms it in a bit further and begins to thrust it in and out rapidly.
When her tongue penetrates you for the first time, your cock swells in my
mouth and I quickly move away saying “Hilda! Not yet!” She rises to her feet
and reaches for the large bar of soap and the loofah sponge.

As one, she and I wash you and each other, hands and suds everywhere, slippery
sounds permeating the entire room. When we are all squeaky clean and rinsed
free, i hand around large warm fluffy towels and we dry each other. I take
pains to gently pat your throbbing cock dry, not wanting to stimulate you any
more for the moment.

“Last one on the bed is the slave,” Hilda calls, and we dash to the bedroom,
leaving you behind, your eyes half closed and feeling slightly weak-kneed.
“Oooo, our slave! He has to do excatly what we say!” I murmur. “lay down,

You lay down in the center of the bed, cock once again pointing at the ceiling,
as you stare at the two clean, sensuaous bodies next to you. “What shall we
do?” I ask Hilda, with a small evil smile. “I want to watch him stroke his
cock, ” she says. She looks at you with her smoldering green eyes. “Did you
hear me, Walt?” she asks you, her voice thick. “Stroke it….NOW!” Your hand
steals towards your cock a,d you start to stroke it slowly, running your plam
over the head, and then stroking the precum all along the shaft of it.

Hilda’s tongue licks across her lips as we both stare at your hand moving on
your cock. We kneel, one on each side of you, and reach across you to kiss each
other deeply. My right hand steals into Hilda’s cunt and her left slips into
mine, and we begin to ffinger fuck each other. Her right hand moves to your
cock as does my left, and she pushes your hand away as together we begin to
stroke you in perfect unison with our plunging fingers.

Hilda moves her mouth from mine to tell you “Tell us when you are going to
come, Walt…” and she lowers her mouth to my swollen nipple, and begins to
suck and nibble on it. Our hands increase their pace, both on each other and on
your cock. You have begun to thrust your hips up with each stroke, and the
three of us fill the air with moans and sighs.

“I’m going to cum…” you tell us…..”NOW!” Two hungry mouths dart down to
your cock and Hilda is the first there. She takes your cockhead between her
lips just as you shoot your first pulse. She swallows and quickly surrenders
your cock to me, and I cover it with my mouth just in time for the second
spurt. As I swallow and continue to suck, Hilda’s tongue races along your
shaft, feeling it throb with every spurt, and I suck and swallow every hot
drop. As your cock shrinks in my still-sucking mouth, I slide it from my mouth
and push Hilda back onto the bed next to you. I push her thighs apart and
bury my face in her cunt, licking along her furred slit, flickering her clit
with my tongue, savoring her sweet taste.

“Come here, love,” she tells me, “I want to eat you too,” and i turn,
straddling her face, and moving my cunt with reach of her tongue. She gently
parts my cuntlips with her fingers and begins to lick and suck at my pussy. We
are both close, so close that within seconds, we are both shaking in orgasmic
delight, juices flowing, tongues lapping. “Yes! Yes!” I scream, “Oh God, YES
YES!!” “I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!” her scream answers mine, and as our orgasms
die down, we fall apart. I nestle my head on her thigh, and she continues to
stroke my thighs and legs.

Even though our lovemaking has excited you intensely, your cock remains soft.
You move so that you can reach both of our cunts with your hands, and slowly
slip a finger into each of us, stroking, feeling the hot wetness of our
tingling pussies. Your fingers move inside of us, churning up our juices,
feeling our cunts grow hotter and even wetter. My head thrashes
back and forth and my hips begin to thrust to meet your hand’s movements in me.

Suddenly I push your hand away and jump from the bed. I move to the dresser and
take something from one of the drawers. With my back to the bed, you can see me
fastening something about my waist. Hilda’s eyes widen; she KNOWS what I am
doing. I turn around to face the two of you and strapped to my crotch is a
huge, thick dildo. I slowly walk back to the bed, legs slightly apart, smiling.
I stroke the dildo lightly, as if it were a real cock and pull it forward to
show that it is a double headed one and the other end of it has been swallowed
by my hungry pussy.

“Oh, lover….” purrs Hilda, a gleam in her eye. “Are you going to fuck me with
that hot nasty thing?” I slide onto the bed and begin stroking Hilda’s inner
thighs. You have moved away so you can watch this. You have never seen a woman
fuck another woman. I kneel above Hilda and holding the dildo in one hand,
rubbing the head all around the entrance to her sopping slit, then move it up
to her clit, teasing, rubbing.

“Ohh, hon,” she moans, “Don’t tease, fuck me NOW!”

I slid just the head of the dildo into her and the movement pushes the other
end even deeper into my cunt. She bucks her hips upward, but I just slowly fuck
her pussylips with the head of the dildo, moving slowly in and out. “Do you
want me to fuck you?” I ask her, poised above her, the dickhead nestled just
between her cuntlips. “Yes,” she moans. “PLEASE! FUCK ME!” I push the dildo in
slowly, feeling it slide all the way into her greedy cunt, and the other end
fills me. I begin to move faster now, in long strokes, and as the dildo pushes
into her cunt, it is slipping out of mine.

“Oh, lover…” she moans, her eyes slitted with pleasure. “Take it off for a
minute, I want to feel your hot cunt against mine, I want to feel our clits

I reach behnind and unstrap the dildo and let it fall to the bed. Hilda holds
her cunt lips apart revealing her red throbbing clit. It is hard and almost as
big as as a fingertip. I move up, one hand spreading my lips and slower lower
myself onto her. Your eyes widen as you watch the hot female flesh merge, watch
our hips grind as we rub our clits together. “Oh, that’s so wet, so hot,” she
murmurs. “Let me fuck you with my clit.” I move upwards slightly, my cunt over
clit, which has grown even harder and and we move together, her clit able to
move into my cunt for half an inch. I can feel it throbbing in me as our hips
move. It feels almost like a miniature cock in me. I am being fucked by my
lover without a dildo, just by her hot, hard, throbbing clit and it feels

The closer I get to cumming though, the more my need to be filled completely,
so I move away and strap the dildo back on, inserting the other end back into
my cunt. As you watch me getting ready to again plunge it into Hilda’s waiting
cunt, you move closer to me. You have been stroking your cock while watching us
and precum is flowing from it as it pulses in your hands.

“Start fucking her,” You tell me, “Because I am going to shove my cock up your
ass when you do.” I plunge the dildo hard and fast into Hilda, pushing her legs
as wide as I can so I can go deep. You kneel behind me, rubbing the slippery
head of your cock around my asshole.

“If you’re going to fuck my ass, then do it!” I tell you, and you slam it into
me, shoving it roughly all the way into my, pulling my hips back so that it is
buried deep. As you plunge your cock in and out of my cunt, my movements into
Hilda’s cunt coincide with yours. I am fucking her and being ass fucked by you
in perfect unison.

I lean forward and kiss Hilda, a long deep kiss, our tongues meeting, probing.
She begins to tremble and I can feel the sudden heat from her pussy. “I’m
cumming!” she screams, thrusting her cunt up to meet my deep plunge into her,
which causes the dildo in my to ram me hard and deep, triggering my own climax.
You begin to pump faster into my tight as, which makes the double-headed dildo
continue to fuck the two of us, and we both quiver in yet another orgasm. You
pull my ass cheeks apart as you fuck me, opening me so that you can plunge in
even deeper, and I feel your cock suddenly swell and I push backwards so that
you are fully in me as it holds and shoots your hot cum deep into my ass. I
collapse onto Hilda, sucking one of her hard nipples into my mouth. Your cock
still pulses in my ass as you collapse across my back. The three of us lay
sandwiched until we get our breath back, then you slowly slide your cock from
my ass. I slip the dildo out of hilda and unstrap it, then turn to you and lick
your cock clean.

Hilda rises from the bed and smiles a slow, lazy smile. “I’m going to shower,”
she tells us and closes the bathroom door behind her. “I guess my night of
slavery is over, huh?” you say, reaching for your clothes.

“Not quite,” I smile, wickedly…..”Not quite…..” I lay back on the bed, and
spread my legs wide, showing you my dripping cunt. “You haven’t eaten me yet,”
I tell you. “I want you to eat me and suck up every drop of my cunt honey.” As
I tell you this, I contract my cunt muscles and you can see it pulsing as you
approach it. Lowering your face to my pussy, you suck at the lips, running your
tongue along the slit and fastening your mouth on my clit. You gently suck it,
tongue flicking it lightly, then lick back down to my cunt. You push your
tongue into my tight cunt, tasting the sweetness of my juices, and you lap them
up as they start to flow faster. Your thumb begins to massage my clit in slow
circles as your tongue darts in and out of me.

With a loud moan I cum, my juices covering your face as they gush out of me.
You lick me clean, which is almost impossible because every tongue stroke
causes a fresh flow of wetness from me. I smile at you and say “You are hereby
released from your night of slavery”

“As you dress, you wonder… will you ever be released from the spell of these
two, hot, magical women?

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Archive-author: Ariel Witch
Archive-title: Suprise, The