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My name’s Suzi Taylor, and I teach programming at a local junior college. Somehow, women in the computer field have acquired the reputation of
being terribly straight laced and boring. I’ve never understood why, and I’ve
always thought it was my duty to dispel that myth, at least to the best of my
I’m twenty-two, female, and though I’m not a raving beauty, I’m extremely
sensual looking. For starters, I’m five foot six, weigh 110 pounds, and have
a size 36 chest. Since I have a tiny, 22 inch waist, my breasts look
impressively large. I’m also lucky to have a small, tight ass and attractive,
curvy legs.
But with my job, looking too sexy can be a real disadvantage, so I
usually dress down, covering up as best I can. I wear my long blonde hair
wound up in a bun on top of my head, no make-up, loose sweaters and baggy
pants. At least that’s what I wear to work.

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One day I was sitting in my office on the 11th floor when I found myself
staring across the way into the building next door. To my delight I
found myself witnessing something not meant for my eyes. A secretary
had just entered her bosses office. She was kind of mousy looking and
wore fairly conservative, plain clothing. He patted his desk and
wiggled his finger at her, as if motioning her to come over. She
hesitated briefly then walked up next to where he was sitting. There
was a brief exchange then she hopped up onto his desk.

He had pulled his chair back so she was sitting directly in front of
him, only slightly elevated. The next thing I knew, he was reaching up
under her skirt and pulling her cotton undies off. She looked surprised
but didn’t move to resist. He spread her legs open wide and stuck his
face inbetween them. I could only imagine what he might be doing. I
thought that he was probably licking around the outer folds of her
pussy, then slowly tonguing her clit in small, slow circles. As a look
of ecstasy crossed her face, I thought he must be probing her with his
tongue. As I imagine what he was doing I slowly slid off my own black
lace undies and started to play with myself. I couldn’t wait to see
what happened next.

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She moved over until she was laying partially on top of me, and suddenly
I could move again. I grabbed her and pulled her more on me, and brought
her head down to kiss me … mmm – forever. She pulled away after a bit.

“There’s a lot of passion locked up inside you”, she said quietly
smiling. I just nodded, and pulled her to me again. She kissed me –
hard and long. She was warm, she was wet, she was wonderful. And every
so often I’d open my eyes and stare into hers, and melt. There was
nothing else on earth but Sharon and me, and our passion. Beyond her was
the sky with puffy white clouds, and it was easy to imagine nothing else
around us but white clouds. There was no sound above the wind through
the trees, except for our breathing which was growing heavier by the
minute. I felt her tongue lick my lips and run delicately along my
teeth, and I rather clumsily pushed my tongue out to touch hers. I
pulled her closer, and our kissing became so passionate and furious
that I felt the back of my head mashing the blanket into the grass below
us. This was truly Heaven on earth – I never wanted it to end.

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Ali was house sitting for Mr. Ross and Mrs. Tracy Jordan. It was a hot
summer night and the air conditioning was broken. The Jordans wouldn’t be
home for at least another 4 hours so Ali stripped and went to lie down in the
Jordan’s bedroom. Before long she fell asleep.
The Jordans returned and found the sleeping beauty on their bed. She was
still asleep, snoring softly, but her hand was rhythmically squeezing one of
her lucious tits. The Jordans who were in their late 20’s were uncertain how
to proceed with this gorgious 18 year old. Tracy Jordan took the initiative,
dropping to her knees between Ali’s outstretched, widespread legs.
“You really are right, Ross,” Tracy said, hunching down to berry her face
in Ali’s still dripping cunt. “The girl does have one of the prettiest little
pussies I’ve ever seen. Look at it, just like an opening rosebud.”
Before Ross could inspect Ali’s cunt more closely, his wife blocked his
view and started to lick up the cream oozing from the girl’s fuck-tunnel. As
Tracy lapped, more cream came out. The woman plunged her long, slender, hard
tongue between the girl’s now swelling pussy lips, then worked it in as deep
as it would reach, while at the same time muzzling Ali’s stiffening little
clit with her nose.
The girl didn’t wake up, but there were signs that she knew, at least
subconsciously, that something was happening to her. Her hand tightened its
grip on her tit and began to pulse faster. She started to squirm a little bit
and a thin sheen of sweat broke out on her skin.
Mrs. Jordan resisted tonguing Ali to climax. Her intention was to get
the girl ready and eager for her husband to fuck.
“Okay, Ross, she’s creaming to beat hell, she’s more than ready.”
Tracy Jordan had a fantastic figure. Although she was only an inch or
two over five feet tall, her shapely legs looked much longer than they were,
and her tiny waist emphasized the womanly swell of her hips and the jutting
thrust of her big, round, still-firm tits. Her large areolas were a deep
pink, almost purple, and her nipples were as big and round as ripe cherries.
Her dark hair and complexion gave her an exotic, almost Indian look that was
incredibly sexy.
Ross Jordan was doubly excited. The sight of his goreous wife and the
young beauty in front of him turned him on more than he had been turned on in
a long time. His cock was now almost painfully hard and he was sure it was at
least an inch longer and bigger around than it had ever been. At least that’s
how it felt. And his balls were loaded to the bursting point. One thing Ross
had long been noted for, one of the things that decided Tracy to marry him in
the first place, was his endurance. He had been known to fuck for more than
an hour without shooting. He had tremendous control.
As excited as Ross was, he made his move slowly, deliberately, prolonging
the pleasure of anticipation for himself, and hopefully for Ali as well. He
did not want to either frighten or startle her. He was as interested in a
good fuck for her as he was for himself.
Ross hently fingered the seeping girl’s pretty little pink pussy. It was
soaking with her cream. He smiled to himself and got down on his hands and
knees over Ali’s beautiful body. Still denying himself the ultimate pleasure
of sinking his throbbing cock into her tight young cunt, he bent his head down
to lick her long-stretched, steely-hard nipples.
Ali exhaled a giggling sigh. She had been dreaming, dreaming that her
Prince Charming in the shape of Mr. Jordan was about to give her her very
first real fuck. Slowly, she opened her eyes and found herself looking
directly into Ross Jordan’s eyes. It took a moment before she realized she
was no longer asleep and dreaming. Then a wide grin split her face
practically from ear to ear.
“At last!” Ali murmured. “I’ve dreamed about you doing this to me for a
long time, and now it’s reall going to happen!”
Ali closed her eyes again, but raised her arms and wrapped them around
Ross, giving him a powerful young hug that crushed her jutting tits flat
against his chest.
Ross smiled at his wife, who was looking at him with what looked to be a
mixture of pleasure and envy.
“I guess we didn’t have to worry about how she’d feel,” Ross said.
Ali released her stranglehold on Ross and sank back down on the bed, her
eyes still closed. She stretched her arms down to her groin, rubbed a finger
along the oozing slit of her cunt, while tickling her hard clit with her
thumb, and then ran her other hand down Ross’ tight belly, into his thick
pubic hair, and then to his rock-hard prick. Her fingers wrapped around his
rigid cock and she began to slowly massage it.
“Christ, girl, stop it,” Ross complained. “I want us both to enjoy this
with me inside you, not shooting all over your lovely belly.”
“Okay, then, but do it!” Ali insisted.
Ross permitted the girl to draw the head of his riged cock towards her
slippery fuck-slot. Ali may have been inexperienced, but her instincts were
right. When his sleek purple cock-knob nudged into her lust-swollen cunt
lips, she slithered the cockhead up and down her cream-soaked pussy-slit,
savoring the sensuaous feeling it gave her, delaying, raising her desire to an
ever higher pitch before she urged Ross to sink his cock into her.
Rather than abruptly plunge his straining hard-on into Ali’s eager cunt,
Ross Jordan let only his prickhead slip betwen her cream-dripping cunt lips,
then he slowly moved his hips back and forth, gently working his throbbing
prick-knob in and out of her slipery, hot fuck-hole. This
erotic teasing made Ali cry out for more. Instinctively, she raised her legs
and locked her kees at Ross’ waist. When that did nothing to fill her
grasping, starving cunt, she wrapped her legs around his ass and squeezed,
trying to force the rest of his cock into her.
Ali was at lest partially successful. Ross did his best to prevent her
from ramming her cunt into his hips, taking the whole length of his cock at
one stroke, but he couldn’t keep up the teasing, slow-fuck action he’d been
trying for. Her hip movement and the strength of her legs forced well over
half of his riged prick into her steaming fuck-tunnel.
There was a reason why his cock didn’t sink all the way in. It had hit
an obstacle. Despite her athletic activities, Ali still had her maiden-head!
Frustrated at not having succeeded in getting Mr. Jordan’s cock all the way
in, Ali redoubled her efforts, banging on his ass with her heel, bucking her
hips up powerfully toward his. Tis time, it worked. Ali screamed as a
sudden, tearing pain pierced her where the ramrod cock forced its way through
her cherry. Then the pain stopped, his cock slid easily the rest of the way
into her tight, no-longer-virgin cunt.
“Jesus Christ, Ali! Why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?” Ross
“Because,” Ali panted, ” I was afraid you might not fuck me if I told
“Did I hurt you badly?”
“There was just that one, sharp pain, Mr. Jordan. It feels really good,
It had been a long time since Ross had had a virgin, and he’d never
fucked one who seeemed so eager and was so lovely. Ali’s tight cunt was
gripping his cock, making it feel harder than ever, wearing away his wish to
make the fuck last. With the young girl’s firm, strong muscles fucking her
hips up at his, her cunt grasping his cock in a solid grip, and the intensity
of her desire and lust, Riss didn’t know how long he could hold out before
shooting his hot, gooey cum deep into Ali’s guts.
Ali wanted it, she wanted it to happen and happen soon. She didn’t know
how long she could take the tension, the torture of being so near to a massive
orgasm. She could feel the big shaft and head of Ross’ cock pistoning up and
down in her slippery, hot lust-juicing cunt. The sensation of Ross’ powerful
fuck-post slamming into her belly, filling her with a rising tide of
increasing desire was making her all hot and squirmy deep inside. Now, with
Mr. Jordan’s cock ramming into her, burying itself to the hilt in her
cream-soaked pussy, stretching her cunt lips, massaging her hard little joy
button of a clit, Ali felt the first quivers, the very beginnings of her first
fucking orgasm.
It started slowly, gently, with just a few little shivers of delight.
Then they grew strong, deep ticklings which made her shake a little bit
harder. His pistoning cock kept on driving in and out of her cream-steamed
withdrawing until only the itp of the purple prickhead reamined inside her
slick cunt lips, then plunging down and down until the whole hard cock-shaft
was buried in her, right to the very roots.
Ali’s shivers increased and grew deeper. Little electric thrills started
to radiate out from her taut little nipples. Tiny lightning bolts of desire
shot out from her clit. With each stroke of Ross’ pumping cock, the depth of
Ali’s reactions increased. She started to arch her back, thrusting her hips
up harder, jamming them ito Ross’ groin, forcing the last absolute fraction of
an inch of his stiff prick inside her hungry, grasping, sucking cunt.
The girl was panting like a steam engine, sweat had broken out all over
her sleek, shapely torso. A furious red flush spread all over her skin as the
strenth of her climaxes grew. Little squeaky gasps came from her mouth with
each panting breath. Never before had she imagined such feelings. She hadn’t
even dreamed that anything could feel so good! The pounding of Mr. Jordan’s
rock-hard cock in and out of her hot cunt was making her tremble all over with
Ross could hold back no longer.
“Jesus Christ, I’m cojming, Ali!” he grunted. “I’m coming, now!”
The girl didn’t answer, she just squealed out loud with joy as she felt
his cock harden even more, then a pumping wave move up it from base to sleek
purple cock-tip. Suddenly she felt something spurt out, splattering to the
very deepest end of her straining fuck-tunnel.
When Ross’ cum jetted into Ali, it triggered a massive eruption in the
girl. She screamed as her hips rammed into his. Her legs clenched on his
ass, forcing his entire prick deep between her cunt ips. An earthquake of an
orgasm rocketed through her body, setting her clit and her nipples on fire
with lustful joy, sending erotic heat waves sparking all over her body, down
the insides of her thighs, sendng the blood in a roaring rush through her
overloaded brain.
Every muscle in Ali’s body clenched and released, clenched and released,
as the ecxtatic waves of desire pulsated through her. She screamed again as
one final, gigantic spasm rocked her, shaking her like a dog with a rag and
then left her limp. She relaxed. Everything relaxed. Her legs stopped
gripping Ross Jordan and slipped off of his ass and hips. Her eyelids closed.
Her breathing diminished to irregualr, gasping groans. The twitching in her
muscles came to a halt.
“Aaahhhhh!” Ali moaned. “Now I finally know what all the fuss is about!
Wow! Until it actually happended to me, I wouldn’t, I couldn’t have believed
anything could be so wonderful!”

Teenager One More Chance

Shall I ignore his protests that I stop tormenting his caged lust?
Should I bend down in front of him as he gazes into my eyes? Or should
I chastize him for the unspoken lust that his eyes are pleading to me?

I think I shall give him some of the loving he is so eagerly asking
for. Please my sweet, let me have you just one more time. The quick
fuck in the meadow had not quenched her desires much, Daddy, please
don’t be mad at me. I didn’t mean to make you hard before dinner. But
dinner is over now. Would you like some dessert? Like a faint breeze
I flit from the room. Off to the shower I run. Continue reading Teenager One More Chance

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I sit in a chair, in just my jeans. SaltGirl is kneeling,
naked from the waist up, hands cuffed behind back, ankles cuffed
with maybe six inches of chain joining them. We can faintly hear
her parents puttering around downstairs and her little brother
talking on the phone to his “new lady friend”.
“Ooh,” I say, “I’ve got an idea.”
“Okay, here’s the plan: You come over here and make me come
without sucking or licking. Just use your face.”
SaltGirl’s eyes open wide. She knees her way on over and bites
open the top button on my jeans. Then all the other buttons. I’m
already hard. She rests her cheek against it and starts, the way
a cat does against a convenient corner. It’s awkward, but she is
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Before you get started reading this adventure, let me explain
something here. I have grown tired of reading other text files from
this board that contained a bunch of bullshit. If it is a fantasy
that one would like to happen, then they should say so. I would
like to hear of other peoples adventures in sex, real ones! To me
reading about real happenings is a much better turn on than reading
someones imagination. The following story is absolutely true and
did happen as written. It may be small and even seem a bit ‘so
whatish’ to some people, but oh well its my memory.
Here I was, a virile 18 year old at the time of this adventure in
my life, was a thin male, 6ft tall, and still a virgin. Had a
fingerfuck experience with a girl earlier that year but that was it.
It was a very hot and humid day in sunny south Florida. I had
driven to my favorite beach located next to a state park in southern
florida. This beach area does not have lifeguards or ordinances
against dogs or drinking or anything for that matter.
Continue reading teen whore Beach Memories story