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But then
Janis says everybody is different, so maybe I started at the top of the taste
pile,” she giggled. “I have never made love to a woman before today and
really had negative feelings about it. However, while I would not say it is
my preference, I enjoyed making love to you Janis. You are a treat to watch
when you are cumming. I knew that was you this afternoon, but I couldn’t be
sure until you came tonight. I wish I could get into it that well. When I
cum, its good, don’t get me wrong; but when you cum, your whole body is in it.
Its like you are in some other world. And Peter, you are a great partner.

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I stood in front of the mirror in my lingerie. My hair was a golden
cloud that swirled around my shoulders as I made sure my make-up was
fashion-model perfect. I felt terribly wanton as I put on a short skirt and
tightly fitted blouse, leaving the top three buttons open.
From the minute I came in the door, Kevin couldn’t take his eyes off me.
His eyes instantly locked on my breasts, which crowned subtly but were
distinctly visible within my blouse. I could hardly control myself as we
worked through his lesson. He messed up almost everything, obviously
distracted by my flirtatious attire.
When we were through, I began to implement my scheme. I stood up, and
feigning a slip, stumbled against the desk, falling to the floor. As
expected, Kevin jumped to my assistance.
“It’s my right leg. I think it’s just a cramp in the calf,” I told him,
“but I don’t know if I can walk.”
“Here, Miss Taylor,” he offered courteously, “let me help you over to the
I leaned heavily against him, making sure that my breast pressed warmly
against his arm. I couple of phony limping steps and I fell back onto the
couch, my skirt “accidentally” sliding up my thighs.

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When I awoke, Iana was gone. Disappointed at not finding her beside
me, and at not having a second chance to make love with her, I arose and
dressed, and then went to find her. But alas, the wind of fate turned ill,
for she and her sister had left at dawn to attend to some business of their
father’s in Sil, and I left without bidding Iana farewell. That would be
the end of my tale, had I not met up with another minstrel who left the inn
at the same time as I. His path paralleled mine for a while, and we
exchanged stories of our entertainments of the previous night. By chance I
told my tale first, the one which I have just related to you. More than
once my fellow traveller seemed as if he would interrupt me, and his face
wrinkled first in confusion and later in amusement, but never spoke until I
had finished my tale and he commenced his own. Now, my friends, imagine, if
you can, my consternation upon hearing that my companion, too, had kept a
rendezvous with Iana that same night, right at moonset.

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With much reluctance, and more than a little frustration, I withdrew, upon which she
pushed me upright with a strength that surprised me and, like a striking
snake, snapped her head down and swallowed my enraged organ before the first
drop could be lost. I thrust my hips against her head, unable to control my
orgasm, ignoring in my lust the danger of choking the poor girl. But she
gulped it all down, right to the roots, her tongue stroking the entire
length of it, and she gripped my buttocks fiercely as I pumped my milk down
her throat. Then slowly, a finger’s breadth at a time, she drew her head
away, coaxing out the last drops that remained. My flesh passed her lips at
last with a faint pop and she lay back, pulling me down atop her panting
chest. Before I grew limp I slid back into the softness of her womanhood,
and there I fell asleep as her inner hand squeezed and released, squeezed
and released.

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To my delight, his cock was the perfect size, not too large and
not too small. I thought how nice it would be to lick it and suck it so I
did just that. Kneeling down, I lightly grabbed his balls in one hand and
started running my tongue up and down his shaft, occasionally doing small
circles around the head. As each drop of precum appeared, I licked it up.
Eventually I took all of him into my hot mouth and sucked until I felt him
close to coming. Only I didn’t want him to cum yet so I stopped. It was
my turn.
Taking him by the hand, I led him over to my black leather couch. I
sat down and told him to kneel in front of me. I soon spread my legs and he
got the picture. His long moist tongue was soon spelling out the alphabet on
my swollen clit. It penetrated my juicy interior causing me to moan and arch
my hips. I wasn’t sure how much more I could take so I grabbed his head and
brought it up to my lips. I wanted to taste myself so I kissed him long and
hard. At this point I was ready, I wanted his beautiful cock inside me.

I stood up and had him sit down on the couch. Then I straddled him
on my knees while facing him and proceeded to place his throbbing member
inside my lubricated pussy. As I started to move slowly up and down and
around, I let him suck on my hard nipples. I started to fuck him slowly but
soon increased my speed. My toes soon started tingling and it traveled up my
spine to reach my head. Everything around me disappeared, all I could do was
feel the beautiful pain whipping around my body. As I came down from my
intense orgasm his body started tensing up. I quickly pulled out and let him
spurt his sperm all over my stomach and thighs. He let out a deep moan and
his eyes rolled back in his head.

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I didn’t have long to wait…he soon lifted the woman off of his desk
and placed her on the floor, kneeling in front of him. His chair had
swiveled so I could still see what was happening. He unzipped his pants
and she pulled them off. He then started to slide off his boxers and
she finished the job. He grabbed her head and pushed it down on his
enlarged, hard cock. Her head bobbed up and down as she took all of him
in her mouth. His eyes were closed and his head had fallen back as he
concentrated on the sucking her mouth was doing. By this time I was
starting to drip my own juices onto the chair I was sitting on. I could
hardly wait until they started fucking, but I wasn’t sure how long I was
going to last.

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By now my erection was both prominent and achingly insistent, a state she
augmented by rubbing her ass against it. Slipping from my arms, she took my
hand and led me into her bedroom.
The bed had certainly not been made since the morning. She laid down upon
her back, hands behind her head, looking at me as if to say: “Let’s see what
you’re made of.” I quickly undressed, then reached over to pull her jeans off.
Divested of her jeans, Norma obligingly and coquettishly spread her legs
wide so I could delight in the sight of her sex. There are those who maintain
that “women are all the same below the waist.” This is far from true. Women’s
pussies are as infinitely varied as women themselves are, each unique in its
own way.

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Of singular interest to me was the fact that she never used perfume of any
sort. Yet sitting beside Norma, especially on a dank, humid day, I’d perceive a
decided redolence about her. How could this be described? Musky? No, musty
might possibly be more accurate. The closest I could compare Norma’s olfactory
aura to would be that of jonquils. This scent had a profound influence upon me;
throughout most of the class I’d be burdened with a massive erection. Later,
when time came for a piss-break, I noted that the end of my cock
was wet with the glaire of arousal.
Norma was definitely an unconventional sort; latter-day hippie should well
suffice to describe her. Every so often, she’d punctuate innocuous conversation
with non sequiturs such as “Damn cold makes my nipples hard!” and “Can you loan
me a dime for the tampon-machine?” Parenthetically, now that I think of it, she
never did pay back any of lo, those many dimes she borrowed.

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“Instatiable.” It’s all the comment you can muster, and you roll
your eyes for added effect. You must be tired. Ah well, at least
your body is still fully functional. I look to the open sundeck
door, and I hear the voices of people out in the commons. You see
the look on my face.
teen spreads her legs “No. If you want it, the door and the curtains stay open.” Your
voice is stern. My lust has overcome any inhibitions, so I impudently
“And you said I was the wicked one! Fine. Have it your way.”
Besides. It’s not like I know anyone here. My face meets yours and
our tongues entwine in a lingering kiss. Our sticky-sweet lips
continue to meld, as I slide myself slowly down on your fully erect
cock. My hard nipples brush your chest through the satin shift.
With one hand, I guide you into me, with the other, I pull your head
to mine, so as not to break the kiss. My fingers are get lost in your
thick, dark hair. As I slide that last bit down to the base of your
shaft, you gasp.

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