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I was caught unawares by the first hot rush of Rob’s come
filling my mouth. It surprised me so much that I pulled my
mouth off the erupting penis, only to receive several more
gushes directly across my upturned face. I remember feeling
his come splatting across my nose, then hitting me directly
in the eye.

It was strange to see him shoot his sperm out like that.
I’d never actually been in a situation like that before,
but it certainly turned me on. And I continued to watch
with prurient interest as Rob’s orgasm began to subside.

His still very erect penis became covered with his own come
as the spurts became weaker and began dripping down his
shaft and into his hairy balls. I was about to take him back
into my mouth and do a little cleaning up when I heard a

I looked up and saw Beth standing behind Rob, a look of
total shock on her face. In that moment I realized what I
must have looked like to her, with her husband’s come all
over my face and my head between his legs as I held on to
the edge of their pool. It must have been a real sight!

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cable guy fucks teenage girl next doorBack on the screen, the man banging away on the girl from behind, suddenly got
up and rushed to her face. She sat up, taking both cocks in her hands. The
man that had been fucking her from behind began to cum. She started to suck
on his big dick, while spurts of jism escaped from her mouth and sprayed
across her face when she removed her mouth. The other man began to jerk
himself off as the woman sucked on the other pulsating cock. Soon, he too
began to cum. The woman moved to his cock, but several spurts landed on her
face and neck area before she could get it in her mouth. She had cum all over
her face as she continued to suck on the dick pumping sperm into her mouth.
As the man finished cumming, she returned to the first cock and sucked on it
longingly, back again to the second cock. As the scene finished, she said,
“Thanks for cumming boys.” Peter’s cock was so hard he could barely stand it.

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J ‘s tongue proved to be as
skilled as her lips. She had G writhing within a few minutes and with her
stomach knotted up, hips thrusting she came. J continued to pump her fingers
in and out of G ‘s pussy as she came. J ‘s lips and tongue sucked and flicked
the sensitive clit until G was wringing wet with sweat. She came three times
in less than two minutes. She had never done that before but found herself
loving the attention that J was giving her. She took J ‘s head in her hands
and drew her face to her waiting lips. They kissed long and hard. Their
tongues ran around each other’s mouth, G tasting the her own love juices from
J ‘s lips and mouth. J noted that G ‘s tits had become hard and were pushing
hard against her own. This caused a twinge of excitement to push her nipples
into the hard tits that were pressing against hers. “I don’t know what is
going on her,” J breathed into G ‘s ear, but this is almost as good as
getting fucked by some man with a hard cock.”

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She continued to run G ‘s clit as she slowly worked herself down on her knees
and began to suck and run her tongue across the sensitive love bud that G
supported in that slit. G was moaning and J began to taste the love juices
dripping from the cunt she was licking. Although she had licked G before,
this was the first time that she had done it alone with G and she had not
been all hot and bothered before she started. She found this a little
disconcerting since she had never considered herself as a “bi” prior to this
episode. Now that she was with G , she wondered if she really was what people
considered “bi.” She sucked on G ‘s clit and began to finger fuck the cunt
that she was licking. G had raised her leg and set her foot on the tub rim
so J could have better access to her pussy.

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Janis was sucking on Peter’s cock now. Janis enjoyed sucking Peter’s cock.
It wasn’t too big, six or seven inches at the most and she didn’t have too
much trouble taking the whole thing in her mouth. She thought about the man
she had seen in the movie they had been to. She could never have taken a dick
that big in her mouth. Peter’s cock was becoming harder now and she noticed
that he was beginning to breath a little faster. She licked the head of his
penis and looked up at him watching her give him a blow job. She glanced at
Garolynn who was watching her intently. She had never done any of the things
that had happened over the last two days and was amazed that she could
willingly do any of this. As Peter’s cock became harder, she knew he was
about ready to cum. She could feel the juices flowing in her cunt as she
became excited, wanting him to cum in her mouth. She like the taste of his
cum and she like pleasing him. She liked Garolynn too, and was excited that
the friendships had worked out this way. She began sucking harder on Peter’s
cock, anticipating his cumming.

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She reminded herself that she was watching and not participating. She looked at
Peter’s eyes as he watched Janis move her tongue up his now hard cock and
begin licking the head of his penis. She noticed the look of enjoyment that
he had and determined she would what she could to keep such a look on his
face. She thought back on their first meeting that day and how they had
quickly become such good friends, the three of them.

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She bent over to rinse off her toes, and that’s when I went to work. I
slipped her skimpy pants down, and licked her tight asshole. Finally,
i slipped in the HOT-BEEF injection, and she moaned with great pleasure
As i pulled out, she turned around, and i sucked her tits “OOHHH”…
“GOD,SUCK HARDER”..She loved it! I lifted her leg and slipped my dick
in her hot zone, and she screamed with pleasure..”UH..UHHH.UHHH…
OH MY GAWD..OHHH” she climaxed! She then began to french kiss me, and
when she stopped…she said to follow her into the bedroom, and romp
her brains out on her new waterbed..Well I followed!

She laid herself down on the bed, and spread her legs wide, waiting
for me..I placed myself on top of her, and began to push my dick in-
side of her tight cunt. I got her to climax three times before she got
bored, and wanted to do something else..She said that she wanted me to
lie on the bed and do nothing, while she did everything. WHAT A DEAL!
I spread my legs wide, and she sat on my dick..I screamed in pleasure
and pain. She let me suckle her big tits for awhile, and then began a
motion that made her climax twice. She then went to her drawer and got
a bottle of vaseline, and asked me to gel up her asshole. I did what
she said, and began pushing my dick in her ass. She said it was so
pleasureful, so I did this for about five minutes. Finally, she turned
around, and looked me deep in the eyes, kissed me, and then began to
suck on my dick. I screamed with pleasure, as I filled her mouth with
my love potion #9…

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Before he knew what was happening, I was examining Kevin’s spectacular peter. His cock was standing straight up, deep red, and I began to
slide my finger tips along the shaft, touching the soft skin ever so lightly.
At the same time, I reached between his beefy thighs and palmed his balls.
I’d only been touching him for a minute or two when he started to breathe
exceptionally deep and fast.
“Oh, Jesus,” I heard him grunt. “I can’t hold back any longer. It’s
just too much. I’m going to come!”
For a moment, I looked fondly at the contorted expression on his face,
then his virile prick was jerking wildly in my hand. I felt Kevin’s thick hot
semen spurting all over my fingers.
“Oh, my God! Look at it, Kevin! God, you’re coming so much,” I gasped.
Running my fist up and down his spewing cock fast and hard, I pumped even
more of his semen from his virile young body, until he begged me to stop.
Happily, I licked my fingers, devouring every last drop of his fluid. Then I
guided Kevin’s hand to my groin. Instinctively, he slipped his hand inside my
panties and quickly located my moist opening.

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“I think these stockings make my legs and ankles look really sexy,” I
said, boldly turning around so he could see me from all angles. “Don’t you
think so?” I asked.
“Ohh, Miss Taylor!” Kevin gasped, ogling my stocking-sheathed legs.
“I love the way they make my thighs feel,” I told him, sliding my hands
over the glistening nylon covering my legs.
“M..Miss Taylor,” Kevin stammered, getting to his feet and backing away.
“I don’t think we should be doing this. I don’t want to get into any
“Don’t worry, Kevin,” I purred reassuringly.
I walked toward him, my stockings sizzling as I did. Kevin just stood
there, unable to move. I dropped my skirt, moving my hand boldly to my
pupil’s inner thigh, skimming lightly, appraisingly, over the solid pouch
between his legs. My finger tips traced the warm, rigid length of his
masculinity, making Kevin tremble.

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The very next lesson, I knew what I wanted to do. An hour before I was due at their home, I undressed and quickly showered. I put on a pair of black
panties and a transparent black bra. My nipples felt full and tingly as they
poked against the cool bra cups. In seconds they were painfully swollen,
standing tall, deep red and fully erect.
Slipping my sexiest black garter belt around my waist, I fastened the
little hooks behind my back, enjoying the silky sensation. I picked out a
pair of long nylon stockings, sheer suntan in color; the kind with real wide,
dark tops. I don’t know why, but nylons always make me feel sexier and more
attractive than panty-hose. I slid the sheer stockings on, slowly smoothing
them up my well-toned legs as I fastened them to the garter belt. My shoes
were black leather high heels, cut low on both sides.

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Just as I was ready to get down to some real fucking. Leigh walked in on us. I started to panic until I saw that she had a big smile on her face.
Leigh immediately began to undress. She walked over to Toni and me, and took
my cock into her hands. What happened next was incredible! Both girls got down
in front of me and began licking my shaft. It was an amazingly horny sight,
especially when their tongues met as they swirled them around my balls. I
shot my wad in their faces, and they licked up every drop.

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I got up and joined her in the bathroom. She kissed me, and I tasted the
“minty-freshness” of a popular toothpaste. “Here, use my toothbrush.” she
offered. “I gotta wash my smuss.”
She climbed into the tub, opened the tap, and with the aid of a sponge,
started moiling away at her privates, transforming the whole bath into a
massive bidet. I elected to follow suit in these ablutions. Her damn sink was
high and I had to stand on tiptoe in order to lave my cock and balls. After
toweling down, I brushed my teeth. As I did, I half-wondered about any
fermenting food particles from Norma’s mouth which might be enmeshed in her
brush’s bristles. “What the hell,” I thought, “I had my mouth in worse places.”
While we were dressing, Norma smiled warmly and pinched my cheek. “You’re a
good lover. A gentle lover. Why not stay the night?”

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Her final orgasm was overpowering; I could feel the sheath of her vagina
gently gripping my cock, milking it as it were into ejaculation. Within
seconds, I too attained the zenith of my ecstasy. Sperm which had been dormant
for weeks coursed through me into her. I felt the resilient, electrifying
tingle of her cervix against the tip of my cock. The crescendo of my pleasure-
cries, like hers, were guttural and unrestrained.
Post-coital comments are usually limited; “That was great,” “Was it good
for you?” or some other sort of inanely redundant colophon. Nothing original
like “Quick, gimme a Chinese Restaurant palindrome!” (Answer: “Won-ton? Not
now!”) The best and perhaps tenderest thing to do is to fall asleep in each
other’s arms, wet spots be dammed.

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“Dance?” she invited.
“I really don’t dance very well” I honestly admitted.
“Then I’ll dance for you.”
She danced slowly, her eyes closed; her steps were frugal, her feet hardly
moving from the same spot. She danced more with her hips, hands and head. When
the piece was finished and the next one began, her lips formed a little gamine-
like smile. “Well, looks like it’s SHOWTIME!” she exclaimed and summarily
reached down and pulled the tank-top up over her head. She cradled her small
breasts provocatively in her hands. “Like ’em?” she inquired.
The point where two people spontaneously embrace is easier experienced than
written about. Suffice to say, our arms were about each other and our lips
pressed together, tongues flicking, probing, entwining. Norma turned around in
my arms and guided my hands to her breasts. They were firm and her nipples
jutted out in two hardened nodes. As my hands meandered down under the
waistband of her jeans, I found that she was not wearing any panties. She
chuckled at my discovery. “I like to go G.I. style once in a while.”

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She carried a large stoneware mug in each hand, steaming with the frothy,
fragrant chocolate. Handing me one, she announced: “Music we need,” and walked
over to a cassette player. I expected something weird, but was surprised to
hear the strains of bossa-nova and the voice of Astrud Gilberto.
As we sat, we drank the chocolate and smoked, a kindred vice which somehow
branded us as being of like kidney. Our conversation consisted of the usual
mundacities: school, friends, relations, etc. I found myself becoming warmer,
doubtless because of the beverage and the fact that she kept the flat at a
temperature amenable to her finch. Rivulets of sweat coursed down my sides from
my armpits. I wondered if she detected the rutting-odor of my arousal.

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Needless to say, I could hardly keep my mind on the Coriolis Effect which
was being deliberated upon in my next Oceanography class. My thoughts were all
of Norma, that free-spirited, insouciant Lady of The Jonquils.
When the lecture was finally over and I made my way to the parking lot, I
spied Norma, leaning against a wall, smoking a cigarette. She smiled at me.
“Miriam couldn’t give me a lift home. How about giving me one?” We walked
silently together to my old Subaru, the redoubtable “Silver Wraith.” The air
was still and dry; the sky a transparent grey, so characteristic of cheek-
reddening New England winters.
Norma lived quite far from school, in a part of town I was unfamiliar with.
Getting to her home was exasperating; she appeared to have an almost dyslexic
concept of right and left. As we drove, I learned that her roommate Miriam had
left for a holiday visit with her parents in Bangor.
We ultimately pulled up to an old building which had as a facade an
interesting tracery of ironwork. As she kneeled over the back of her seat,
scrambling for her books, she offhandedly asked: “Care to come up and have some
hot chocolate? It’s good stuff. Comes from Holland. A real Dutch Treat.”
“Sure” I answered, and followed her to the door. As she walked up the
stairs before me, my gaze was fixed on the creases behind her kneecaps which
opened and closed with each step.