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G grunted in agreement as her
hand found J ‘s clit. J practically jumped off the tub floor as a flame of
passion swept from her toes to her throat. She groaned loudly as she mashed
her lips to G ‘s. She felt G ‘s fingers invade her cunt and she exploded in a
climax as her juices ran down her leg. “Oh God,” she moaned as she bucked
against G ‘s fingers moving in an out of her pussy. “I don’t know if I will
ever be the same after this week.” “Me either,” said G as the two women
clung to each other regaining the strength to finish this shower.

They rinsed one another off and stepped from the tub, turning off the water.
They began to dry themselves. “Why have we been able to just turn ourselves
into practically nymphomaniacs during this week?” asked J . “I don’t know,”
said G . “This is the most sex I have had in months. I know these breasts
attract men like flies, but I mostly just turn them away. Sometimes I like to
tease men with them – I wear some low cut outfit with no bra underneath and
watch men’s eyes jump out of their heads. Men are so stupid sometimes.” “I
know, I wish I had a set like that. People look at me and think I don’t have
a tit one. It used to really bother me but I finally quit trying to grow
bigger and just accepted the fact. P is the first person I know of that
hasn’t said a word about them.

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At the same time, I closed my lips around his cock as he began to
ejaculate. His thick hot sperm splattered into my mouth and I swallowed every
drop of it, swirling my tongue across the head of his cock as semen pumped out
of him. I licked him clean, gulping it all down greedily.

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I was really starting to get into to it…coming real close to an
orgasm when I heard my door shut and I felt someone staring at me. I
opened my eyes to see who had intruded on my little session. To my
surprise, one of the janitors was standing before me…his eyes
practically bulging out of his head, not to mention another part of his
body that was bulging. For a janitor he wasn’t bad looking, it must be a
second job or something. He was tall, muscular with a good head of hair and
a nice smile. At first I was a little shocked but then I realized that
I should take advantage of the situation, I could make someone please me
instead of having to do it myself.

Walking past the poor man, I went to the door and locked it as
to prevent anymore unnecessary intrusions. He was speechless as I returned
to him and finished undressing myself in front of him. As my white blouse
and bra fell off I reached up feel my hardening nipples. I stood before
him completely exposed. But who wants to be the only naked person, so I
reached out and unbuttoned his dark blue shirt. His chest had a small patch
of black curly hairs but was relatively bare. Leaning forward I ran my
soft hands over his nipples. He shuddered but still did not utter a word.
My playful fingers found their way to his belt and pants and they quickly
fell to the floor to join the other clothing. He was wearing a pair of white
boxers which had formed themselves into a tent. His erection was straining
to be free. I thought that I would be kind and let it go wherever it wanted.

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“I’d like that, but I have to drive my sister to the airport. She has a
late flight.”
“Well, maybe next time.”
“Next time soon, dear Norma,” I confirmed as I lightly kissed her forehead.
We had a parting cup of tea together, which was prepared by merely tossing
a teabag into a mug and filling it with hot water from the faucet. Norma made
no pretense of being a gourmet.
Glancing at my wristwatch, I knew that I must leave. We embraced; I kissed
her eyes, cheeks and lips. She led me to the door and before opening it
commanded me to wait. She reached down under her jeans to her crotch. Her
fingers glistened as she brought them up to my face and lightly daubed her
juices under my nose. “Here’s something to remember me by.” Done by anyone
else, the gesture would have been crass, wanton. But done by Norma, it was
tender and loving. Perhaps in some way she was marking me as Her Own.

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David mopped his forehead of the droplets of sweat that dripped
into his eyes. It was hot – the middle of July – and he was
busy cleaning and scrubbing the beach snack shack at the Indian
Lake Resort.
David’s Dad owned part interest in the place, and that’s how
David ended up as a go-fer, clean-up person and lifeguard. The
pay wasn’t much, but he enjoyed meeting the vacationers, and he
especially liked his lifeguard duty.
David had been a competition swimmer in high school. He liked
the water, and he liked being with the guys. Sometimes he even
thought he liked looking at the guys in their tight swimming
trunks. He’d never fool around with a guy, he thought, but
looking wasn’t a crime, was it? Continue reading Bisexual Guy Threesome

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I began lightly stroking her thigh, and gradually moved up under her
dress. Her stockings went all the way up to her waist, and I figured
it would be a bit forward of me to pull them down, so instead I moved
slowly inward. Before my fingers reached their destination, Sharon
arched and twisted her hips – and my fingers met the warm, wet stocking
material. Wow. It’s one thing to get intense pleasure, but it was
a rush of a different sort to know you are *giving* it right back!
Soon, little moans and gasps were coming from her beautiful lips, and
I felt like it was time for her to lose those stockings, at least!
Evidently, she felt the same way – before my hand found the top of the
nylon/panty part and pulled them down, her hands were already at my
belt. I could only imagine the feeling I was about to experience.

No I couldn’t! Not even my imagination prepared me for the incredible
sensation that went through me. For a second I couldn’t see or hear
anything – my entire attention was focused on the FEELING of her
loving hands, gently caressing. Then my whole body shook as waves of
pleasure crashed over me, and I crushed her to me as though she
couldn’t get close enough. I felt her hands guide me inside her, and
I felt warm wetness as I slowly slid in all the way.

At this point, words fail me. I can barely keep my fingers from
termbling as I type this. I remember never having felt so excited,
loved, aroused, and happy all at once. I remember I was supporting
myself slightly with my arms, as I pushed back and forth – and I
remember my left hand was digging into the grass and brown earth in
my uncontrollable passion.

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“Here we are!” She stopped the car and jumped out, and went to the trunk
to get out the food and a blanket. It was a nice park. Plenty of
trees, and gently rolling hills. And since it was in the middle of a
business complex, there weren’t any noisy kids around to break the
silence. We found a nice spot near some trees, on the “down side”
of one of the hills, and I spread the blanket. Sharon took off her
shoes and threw herself down on her stomach, her legs moving slowly back
and forth in the air. The dress she had on was very flattering, and
I noticed the curves and swells of her body. Her dress had pulled up
slightly, and I could see the backs of her thighs gently flexing as
she kicked back and forth… God, she was so entrancing! I
reluctantly broke my gaze away from her, and sat down next to her on
the blanket. Then, realizing I should appear more relaxed, I lay back
and stared up at the sky.

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When Sharon wrote me the first letter, I had no trouble writing back
to her. Separated from her by hundreds of yards of wire, it was
very easy to talk, to tell her she was beautiful, to tell
her …. almost anything. I guess it was the same for her, too,
because within several messages we’d covered almost every topic –
especially sex! Boy, this woman had a *mind*, I tell you. I would ache
after reading one of her messages, and of course, I’d be unable to move
away from my desk for several minutes until the swelling went down!
When I told her that, she laughed, and said, enigmatically, “Good”.

As the days went on, we got to know each other better over mail, and I
began to notice certain changes in me, in my perception of the world. My
terminal held less and less of a fascination for me – that was the major
change. I noticed I was looking outside more, admiring the beauty of the
flowers, trees, birds, the squirrels that came up to the window – and
then it hit me: I was in love. Head over heels, up to my neck, and all
those old cliches suddenly somehow seemed applicable, whereas before
they were corny. My heart DID sing, my eyes sparkled, there *was* a
spring in my step – and everyone noticed. I was madly in love – and I’d
never even had lunch with the woman. Well, I would change that!

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You are at a party. Things have been pretty stressful lately, and
you were hoping to relive some stress tonight. The party has been pretty
dead so far. There are a lot of people hanging around with beers, munching
on chips. Nothing is happening. You had hoped it would be better. You
wore a rather tight pair of jeans with your new sweater. But this party
is more interested in the basketball championships on TV.
As things went from boring to sleepy, you decided to wander around
the apartment complex. At 2:00 AM most everyone seems to be asleep. Doors
are all closed. The hall seems to drift off to nowhere.
It was then that you came upon the door that had, in big yellow letters,
“Lots of fun, and VERY naughty.” You look closely at the door to make sure you
are reading it right, and then you knock. A man opens the door, and when he
sees you, a smile grows on his face. Continue reading Sexy Letter

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I sit in a chair, in just my jeans. SaltGirl is kneeling,
naked from the waist up, hands cuffed behind back, ankles cuffed
with maybe six inches of chain joining them. We can faintly hear
her parents puttering around downstairs and her little brother
talking on the phone to his “new lady friend”.
“Ooh,” I say, “I’ve got an idea.”
“Okay, here’s the plan: You come over here and make me come
without sucking or licking. Just use your face.”
SaltGirl’s eyes open wide. She knees her way on over and bites
open the top button on my jeans. Then all the other buttons. I’m
already hard. She rests her cheek against it and starts, the way
a cat does against a convenient corner. It’s awkward, but she is
very determined. Continue reading Teen Bondage