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I flexed my hips again and again, up and down, an orgasm building like a crescendo between our bodies. When the energy was screaming, shrilling
throughout my body, when it could be denied no further by either of us, I
quickly disengaged and turned my body around.
I pushed my pussy lips into his face. Kevin had no idea how to respond,
but he instinctively began to lap at my tender flesh. His tongue stabbed
forward, rasping over my clitoris. What he lacked in experience, he made up
with enthusiasm. He licked me from clit to cunt-hole, driving himself up into
my body as our orgasms exploded.

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Slowly, shakily, I stood up, straddling Kevin’s flat, powerful hips with my widely spread feet. From a position towering above his reclining body, I
squatted down and grasped his pulsing cock in my hands, guiding it to my
pussy. I held my cunt above him just an instant, rubbing the head of his cock
between the blonde-haired lips of my pussy. And then I pushed down.
He entered my cunt very, very slowly, filling me with his hardness,
stretching the already lubricated walls of my pussy. I sat erect on his
belly, my head thrown back, my spine in inversed curve, and I could feel his
hardness slipping up into my body. I could feel the head of his cock
throbbing against the sticky passageway.
He was like a long thick fire being swallowed by my body, a long thick
hardness moving deeper and deeper up my cunt. I pushed all the way down, as
hard as I could, and I found myself sitting on his lap. His cock, that
powerful, merciless shaft was buried to the hilt inside my cunt.
I began to ride him. I say I rode him because he did nothing but lie
there under me, his penis standing straight up like a deeply rooted tree.
Gingerly, balancing on my steep heels, I put my hands on my knees and began to
raise and lower my pelvis. I was literally doing deep-knee bends. And Kevin
was sliding all the way in, and almost all the way out of me as I moved up and

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I can tease you no longer. I wrap my lips around the areola and
start sucking the jelly off gently, then harder, then I am nibbling,
almost biting. You bring your hands up to my head, and move it to the
other nipple. I cannot resist your urgent desire. But I am not done
teasing. I let my tongue circle the nipple, not quite touching it,
girlies lick pussytickling the hairs around it, as I slide slowly, very slowly, up and
down on your hard cock. I squeeze tightly on each stroke, stopping
just as I feel the head about to pull out. It feels exquisite! My
hands are on your arms, holding them down, out of the way, as I apply
my ministrations. My own extended nipples are brushing your stomach
softly in the rhythm of my movements. You can’t stand it anymore.
You bring your arms up to my head, and press my mouth forcefully, but
gently onto your aching nipple.

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cock in her cheek My shirt comes to just below my butt, so I had him reach for
it and we took a walk over to a nearby grove of willows. You can
imagine the rest. After we were through, it was getting to be
late afternoon and I let him go–I don’t think he ever learned my
name, and I don’t know his last name. But that beach’ll never be
the same, and the willows are now named the “Mr. Bill Memorial
Grove”–at least by me.

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Without even drying off, he led her out of the shower and to
the waiting bed. She looked down to see he was already almost
completely hard and thought,”Now this is my kind of guy!” She
reached down and touched his balls gently and started massaging
them. He groaned. She slowly kissed his wet hairy chest working
her way down past his nipples, past his stomach to the coarse
hair that led to his hard cock. Her tongue caressed the base and
slowly went up to the head that was starting to ooze a drop. She
took it in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head. Then
she gradually worked the whole cock into her mouth. Her head
moved slowly up and down, her long hair tickling his legs as he
felt himself climbing toward another orgasm. He closed his eyes,
feeling the pleasure even more intensely. She used her hand to
start pumping on the base of his cock as she was licking him.
Before it would end too soon he pulled her up and she took the
hint. She straddled his body and positioned herself over the
massive cock, lowering her wet pussy onto it. She moaned as it
drove deeper and deeper into her. He reached up and squeezed her
tits, slightly pinching the nipples. Her pussy clamped down on
his organ as she enjoyed the sensations he was giving to her
tits. Her rhythm was starting to get interrupted as she bobbed up
and down but she didn’t care. Her last and biggest orgasm was
building fast and furious and as it hit her, she leaned down in a
daze and kissed him full on the lips.

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Over the following weeks, I managed to “conveniently” run into her around
the office. It seemed she worked in a different department as a
secretary. Her name was Sharon, and she soon began to dominate my every
waking thought – not to mention my dreams! I was getting increasingly
frustrated, because I was so shy and keyed-up in person that all I could
stammer was a meek “hi” whenever I saw her. My big break came one Friday
afternoon, when I got an e-mail message from Sharon. Why hadn’t I
thought of e-mail before?

Contrary to my real-life personality, on computers I’m powerful – a
king, a god maybe. There’s nothing I can’t do, given time, and no
problem I can’t solve. When real life gets too tough, I can
always hide in the safety of the green glow of the terminal
screen. And when things are so bad that I’m afraid to sleep, that
green has been known to glow all night…

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The sound of the door opening told Darynn that his student for the
evening had arrived. He put down the quill he worked with, moving slowly,
and then covered the inkwell with a small stone cap. He turned slowly,
anticipating the look of awe in the student’s face (they always looked the
same). But when he turned, he found himself surprised, because he had
never before had a female student. “Well,” he said.

He estimated her age between fourteen and fifteen years. That age
where children become just perfect for teaching the ways of the advanced
magicks he, of all the mages, understood best. Her hair hung about her
face and down her back in a black frame of soft, tight curls. He saw
beautiful, powerful slate blue eyes under that frame, and a tiny, delicate
nose hovered above an equally small and expressive mouth. “Come here,
child. Sit, over there, on that stool with the blue pillow, yes.” She
moved as he directed, and although she needed her heels on the bottom rung
of the stool, she did manage to get onto it without help. “Now then,” he
said. “Tell me your name.” Continue reading Fantasy Teen Hoe Sex Story

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You are at a party. Things have been pretty stressful lately, and
you were hoping to relive some stress tonight. The party has been pretty
dead so far. There are a lot of people hanging around with beers, munching
on chips. Nothing is happening. You had hoped it would be better. You
wore a rather tight pair of jeans with your new sweater. But this party
is more interested in the basketball championships on TV.
As things went from boring to sleepy, you decided to wander around
the apartment complex. At 2:00 AM most everyone seems to be asleep. Doors
are all closed. The hall seems to drift off to nowhere.
It was then that you came upon the door that had, in big yellow letters,
“Lots of fun, and VERY naughty.” You look closely at the door to make sure you
are reading it right, and then you knock. A man opens the door, and when he
sees you, a smile grows on his face. Continue reading Sexy Letter

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Shall I ignore his protests that I stop tormenting his caged lust?
Should I bend down in front of him as he gazes into my eyes? Or should
I chastize him for the unspoken lust that his eyes are pleading to me?

I think I shall give him some of the loving he is so eagerly asking
for. Please my sweet, let me have you just one more time. The quick
fuck in the meadow had not quenched her desires much, Daddy, please
don’t be mad at me. I didn’t mean to make you hard before dinner. But
dinner is over now. Would you like some dessert? Like a faint breeze
I flit from the room. Off to the shower I run. Continue reading Teenager One More Chance

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Mmmmmm Micha. That’s always the first thing that comes to my mind, even after just hearing her name. This gorgeous teen could easily be a model, never mind a pornstar, but thank god she chose the latter. Perfect lips, deep dark eyes, perky tits, and a body that doesn’t quit….oh and did I mention flexible. That’s right. Micha just loves to put her legs behind her head, exposing her tight little pussy, making it even tighter than it already is. (as if that was necessary). Free trailer anyone?