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“Mmmmmmmm, sound delightfully delicious” she laughed. “There are a
few fantasies I want to act out that I never had the opportunity to
do before.” she said, with a mischeiveous glint in her eyes.

We went up to the room and and unpacked everything. Keri rub her
shoulder and said that someone should redesign those airline seat and
make one that a human can sit in comfortably. She said that all that
flying in those uncomfortable seats has made havok to her muscles.
Me being the quick one one that I am (in more ways than one) walked
over to Keri and started massasing her shoulder.

“Oh that feels so good” she moan.

“You know,” Calvin said with a sly grin on his face, “it works alot
better if I could Massage your skin rather than your clothes. It
usually works better that way.”

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Two teen lesbians eat each other outCalvin drove through the gates of a large plantation and stopped in
front of a huge mansion house. We carried our bags up the steps and I
rang the bell. The door opened and we were greeted by a beautiful
girl about Keri’s age in a sexy maid’s uniform. Calvin told her who
we were and she invited us inside. She took us to our suite which was
large and nicely furnished with antiques.

“After you’ve freshened up, please join the other guests for cocktails
at the pool.” She said then left the room. I watched her walk down the
long hall, her firm upturned ass swaying with each step. Keri noticed
my fascination with the servant girl.

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Finally, I giggled and said. “That’s enough for today, guys. Everyone
upstairs to the shower.”

“Did you say everyone?” Brad asked in a shocked voice.

“That’s what I said. The coach needs a shower too,” I cooed, taking ahold of
their sweaty hands and leading the way. Once in the shower, I soaped them both
up, paying special attention to their dicks, which were sticking straight up
from between their legs. They in turn lathered me up, spending a lot of time
on my blond mound and aching tits.

Finally, I could sand it no longer. So I instructed Jeff to sit down on the
end of the tub and Brad to get behind me. While the water sprayed over our
naked bodies, I took Jeff’s huge cock deep into my mouth and motioned for Brad
to fuck me doggie style. Within seconds Jeff filled my with his delicious cum
and Brad blasted his load deep inside my womb. As for me, I had been having
one gigantic orgasm after another ever since we got under the water.

Later, in my bed, the guys changed places, and I sucked and fucked them both
again. I must have dozed off, because the telephone woke me, Brad and Jeff
were gone. It was Arty, my neighbor, on the phone.

“Hi, Angela, sorry to bother you, but Brad told me what a terrific instructor
you are. I was wondering if you’d be interested in working out with me? I’m
especially interested in the shower exercises.” His sexy voice left no doubt
as to what he meant.

“Ummm, I’d love to work out with you,” I whispered seductively.

“I’ll be there in five minutes,” he promised.

He was and we did. As a matter of fact, we “worked out” all afternoon and most
of the night. I guess I’m pretty good, because he and the guys are thinking of
nominating me for coach of the year