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She bent over to rinse off her toes, and that’s when I went to work. I
slipped her skimpy pants down, and licked her tight asshole. Finally,
i slipped in the HOT-BEEF injection, and she moaned with great pleasure
As i pulled out, she turned around, and i sucked her tits “OOHHH”…
“GOD,SUCK HARDER”..She loved it! I lifted her leg and slipped my dick
in her hot zone, and she screamed with pleasure..”UH..UHHH.UHHH…
OH MY GAWD..OHHH” she climaxed! She then began to french kiss me, and
when she stopped…she said to follow her into the bedroom, and romp
her brains out on her new waterbed..Well I followed!

She laid herself down on the bed, and spread her legs wide, waiting
for me..I placed myself on top of her, and began to push my dick in-
side of her tight cunt. I got her to climax three times before she got
bored, and wanted to do something else..She said that she wanted me to
lie on the bed and do nothing, while she did everything. WHAT A DEAL!
I spread my legs wide, and she sat on my dick..I screamed in pleasure
and pain. She let me suckle her big tits for awhile, and then began a
motion that made her climax twice. She then went to her drawer and got
a bottle of vaseline, and asked me to gel up her asshole. I did what
she said, and began pushing my dick in her ass. She said it was so
pleasureful, so I did this for about five minutes. Finally, she turned
around, and looked me deep in the eyes, kissed me, and then began to
suck on my dick. I screamed with pleasure, as I filled her mouth with
my love potion #9…

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Her final orgasm was overpowering; I could feel the sheath of her vagina
gently gripping my cock, milking it as it were into ejaculation. Within
seconds, I too attained the zenith of my ecstasy. Sperm which had been dormant
for weeks coursed through me into her. I felt the resilient, electrifying
tingle of her cervix against the tip of my cock. The crescendo of my pleasure-
cries, like hers, were guttural and unrestrained.
Post-coital comments are usually limited; “That was great,” “Was it good
for you?” or some other sort of inanely redundant colophon. Nothing original
like “Quick, gimme a Chinese Restaurant palindrome!” (Answer: “Won-ton? Not
now!”) The best and perhaps tenderest thing to do is to fall asleep in each
other’s arms, wet spots be dammed.

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Calvin told Keri to roll over and licked her nipples. Soon his
fingers found her pussy. He lightly stroked her soft furry mound.
Just aimlessly moving his fingers over her pussy, between her lips,
in her hole, very gently touching her clit.

“Keep working on my pussy. I love having my cunt stroked like that”

Keri began to tingle all over signaling an approaching orgasm. It was
a subtle one but it felt real nice. Keri gently rocked her hips and
purred as Calvin made her feel wonderful.

“Wait” said Keri. “I have a better Idea, but with this idea you have
to take all of your clothes off.” Keri grins evilly and in no time
yoru clothes are all off and standing before her stark naked. She
appraises you approvingly.

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You grab my wrist with one hand, extract the book with the other, and
pull me down on top of you. I happily comply.
teen anal masturbation “You. Are a wicked thing. You think you are going to get more out
of me after last night and this morning?!” Your words are
admonishing, but the look in your eyes says something entirely
I laugh, and mock an Oliver Twist accent, “Please suh, can I have some
Your long fingers probe the wetness between my legs.

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I was at a dance on an old paddlewheel steamboat which cruised down
the Ohio River while we listened to music and danced the night away. I’d
gone with a girlfriend, not willing to be tied down for the night in a
place where there was no escape if my date turned out to be a dud. And so
far, I hadn’t met anyone who rang my chimes in the slightest.

I went for a walk around the deck, clearing my head in the fresh
air and letting the sweat dry from my body. Then I went back into the
ballroom, ready to face more inane conversation.

I was skirting around the dance floor, making my way back to our
table, when something drew my eyes, like iron filings drawn to a magnet. Continue reading Steamboat Teenage Hoe Fuck

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The sound of the door opening told Darynn that his student for the
evening had arrived. He put down the quill he worked with, moving slowly,
and then covered the inkwell with a small stone cap. He turned slowly,
anticipating the look of awe in the student’s face (they always looked the
same). But when he turned, he found himself surprised, because he had
never before had a female student. “Well,” he said.

He estimated her age between fourteen and fifteen years. That age
where children become just perfect for teaching the ways of the advanced
magicks he, of all the mages, understood best. Her hair hung about her
face and down her back in a black frame of soft, tight curls. He saw
beautiful, powerful slate blue eyes under that frame, and a tiny, delicate
nose hovered above an equally small and expressive mouth. “Come here,
child. Sit, over there, on that stool with the blue pillow, yes.” She
moved as he directed, and although she needed her heels on the bottom rung
of the stool, she did manage to get onto it without help. “Now then,” he
said. “Tell me your name.” Continue reading Fantasy Teen Hoe Sex Story