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Anyway, there is one girl in particular that I still find myself thinking
about from time to time…. Her name was (is!) Jessica S. I used to
fantasize about her like crazy…. She was about 5 feet 6 or 7 inches tall,
she had beautiful golden-blonde streaked hair, probably a 34-C cup; just the
really beautiful, sexy teenage girl-next-door look. She dressed like
most of the other whores of her age…. you know, baggy pants, etc., most of the
time. But in warm whether, like many of the other girls, she would wear
shorts, and at times like that, during my rounds in the classroom, I would
often catch myself sneaking furtive, lusting looks at her beautiful legs…..
Golden blonde hair on those legs, hair that became slightly thicker and more
pronounced as they worked their way up her gorgeous, tanned, brown legs.

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Back on the screen, two black men were having their cocks sucked by a white
lady. It looked as if she really liked to suck cock. She was deep throating
both dicks, one at a time while jacking off the other one. Soon they
exchanged places with one man fucking her from behind and the other
continuuing to be sucked on by the white lady. Both men were pumping away
furiously. “How does she get that much cock in her mouth,” Janis leaned over
and whispered to Peter. “I don’t know, having never suck cock before,” Peter
whispered back.

“You just relax your throat and concentrate, initally. Soon, its no problem
and you can take the biggest cock in the world,” volunteered the girl sitting
in front of them with a smile. She still had not pulled her tube top up and
was sitting there with her tits exposed. Peter was glad that he had asked her
to have a drink, but with her response, he began to wonder if she might be
carrying some type of disease. While not paranoid, Peter was concerned about
disease, as he knew both of his “charges” were. “Well, while we are having a
drink, we’ll discuss that,” he thought to himself.

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“Do you want to invite them to our room?” asked Peter quietly. “No,” said
Janis. “Who knows what you might catch!” “You’re right,” said Peter
dismissing the idea. Garolynn began to moan softly as she came again under
Peter’s fingering. “Oh God, Peter, I have to do something,” said Janis. A
woman on the screen was giving a giant cock a blow job. As Janis looked at
the screen, the man began to come wildly. Semen squirted all over the woman’s
face. It ran down her chest as he finished squirting on her tits. She raised
her left breast to her mouth and licked the cum from its nipple. The man
moved to her slit and began to lick the clit. Juices were flowing from her
cunt as her hips began to gyrate wildly to the movements of his tongue.
Screams began issuing from her lips as she began to cum. Juices flowed across
the face of the man sucking her pussy as she flailed wildly to spasms shooting
through her hips. Janis was so wet that she felt the wet spot soaking through
the dress that covered her pussy. She raised the dress as she began massaging
the swollen clit that ached in her crotch. Peter grabbed her hands as
Garolynn and he guided her from the theater. Janis could hardly make it to
the car. Janis climbed into the back seat as Garolynn climbed in behind her.
Peter watched as Garolynn bent over and began tounging Janis’s clit. Janis
began screaming almost immediately as waves of emotion rocked her body.

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Peter slowly eased out the door, checking up and down the hallway as he left.
“Gosh, I had a good time last night,” Garolynn admitted to Janis. “Me too,”
Janis replied. “I better get next door and take a shower.” “Why don’t you
take one with me,” Garolynn offerred. “But, I won’t have any clean clothes,”
said Janis. “Look, we have a connecting door,” said Garolynn. “You just go
into your room, open your door and we can go between.” “OK,” said Janis. She
quickly slipped on her levis, without putting on her panties, pulled her
sweatshirt over her head and grabbed her key. She slipped through the door,
opened hers and made sure it was shut before she opened the door to Garolynn’s
room. Garolynn was standing there, naked as a jay bird, as Janis opened the
door. Garolynn turned and walked into her bathroom as Janis began to remove
her clothes. When Janis got to the shower, Garolynn was already in. Janis
tenatively pulled back the shower curtain and slipped in. Garolynn offered
her the soap. Janis began to soap her body as she watched Garolynn rubbing
her breasts. Janis was a little jealous of Garolynn’s breasts because hers
were so little. She reached out and began to soap Garolynn’s breasts. As she
did, Garolynn brought her mouth down on Janis’s. They had a long, slow kiss,
each other’s tongues darting in and out of the other’s mouth. The shower
water rinsed the soap from Garolynn’s breasts as Janis brought her mouth down
to Garolynn’s nipples. The nipples hardened immeadiately as Janis adroitly
massaged them with her mouth and tongue. Janis found her hand moving to
Garolynn’s crotch where it found the pink bud of Garolynn’s clit. Garolynn
moaned as Janis began rubbing the swollen patch of flesh. Janis raised her
head and kissed Garolynn on the mouth again, their tongues intertwining.

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She bent over to rinse off her toes, and that’s when I went to work. I
slipped her skimpy pants down, and licked her tight asshole. Finally,
i slipped in the HOT-BEEF injection, and she moaned with great pleasure
As i pulled out, she turned around, and i sucked her tits “OOHHH”…
“GOD,SUCK HARDER”..She loved it! I lifted her leg and slipped my dick
in her hot zone, and she screamed with pleasure..”UH..UHHH.UHHH…
OH MY GAWD..OHHH” she climaxed! She then began to french kiss me, and
when she stopped…she said to follow her into the bedroom, and romp
her brains out on her new waterbed..Well I followed!

She laid herself down on the bed, and spread her legs wide, waiting
for me..I placed myself on top of her, and began to push my dick in-
side of her tight cunt. I got her to climax three times before she got
bored, and wanted to do something else..She said that she wanted me to
lie on the bed and do nothing, while she did everything. WHAT A DEAL!
I spread my legs wide, and she sat on my dick..I screamed in pleasure
and pain. She let me suckle her big tits for awhile, and then began a
motion that made her climax twice. She then went to her drawer and got
a bottle of vaseline, and asked me to gel up her asshole. I did what
she said, and began pushing my dick in her ass. She said it was so
pleasureful, so I did this for about five minutes. Finally, she turned
around, and looked me deep in the eyes, kissed me, and then began to
suck on my dick. I screamed with pleasure, as I filled her mouth with
my love potion #9…

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Lowering my head to his groin, I exhaled hotly as I lay the tip of his
manhood on my lower lip, extending my tongue so that I could tease the small
little hole into giving me its pearl.
“Oh, my God!” he moaned. “Oh, my God!”
I let my tongue travel in tiny circles, teasingly, gradually centering in
on his most sensitive spot. And when I got to that tender ridge, Kevin just
stopped breathing, and his entire body tightened up. Opening my mouth a
little more, I took his whole length in my mouth. Right down to his hairy
I closed my lips around the base and held absolutely still for just a
second as a chill ran down my spine. I rubbed my thighs together, massaging
my burning pussy, nearly climaxing again from the excitement.
Kevin enlarged rapidly inside my warm suctioning mouth until he was
pushing against the back of my throat. I began to gag, and I had to withdraw,
letting his now turgid spire slide gradually from my lips.

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So wet was she, and so yielding, that I nearly buried myself altogether
on the first stroke, and then did so completely on the second. Iana let a
moan escape her lips, and I must confess that I returned in kind. Her
cavern was rather loose around me (and I must tell you in all candor, if not
modesty, that I am not undersized in that respect), but on the third sweet
thrust her nether mouth closed tightly about me, and had it teeth, I swear
she would have made a eunuch of me! I cannot adequately describe the
ecstasy I shared with her that night, her sheath grasping now so delicately
that we seemed barely to touch, now so tight that I even reached down with
my hand to prove to myself that it was indeed the larger of her two crevices
into which I bore. I caused her to expire twice before I could put off my
own crisis no longer. When she felt the end approaching, she pushed
urgently on my shoulders and whispered, “Here love, in my mouth.”

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To cut straight to the heart of the situation, and spare you the
lengthy conversation with which I swayed the fair Iana to my will, she
agreed to receive me in her room when the moon had set. Ah, the impatience
with which I watched that fat crescent descend behind the hills! When there
was but a sliver left to view, it seemed to hang their for hours, mocking
me, before the last silvery tip disappeared. At last I made my way to the
door beyond which lay the subject of my desire. As I pushed it open slowly,
the light from my candle cast an ever-widening wedge of light on the
foot-smoothed wooden floor, an arrow which pierced the shadows and pointed
the way to my delight. As it touched the foot of the bed, before it could
illuminate what lay therein, she called in a whisper, “Put out the candle,
and come to me.” Hesitating nary an instant, I did as she bade me, closing
the heavy oaken door behind me. There was a window next to the bed, but
with the moon gone the stars cast only enough light to reveal the dark
shadows of the bed and something moving upon it. Letting my robe flow
silently off my back onto the floor, I felt my way beneath the heavy blanket
which shielded Iana’s body from the evening’s chill.

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To my delight, his cock was the perfect size, not too large and
not too small. I thought how nice it would be to lick it and suck it so I
did just that. Kneeling down, I lightly grabbed his balls in one hand and
started running my tongue up and down his shaft, occasionally doing small
circles around the head. As each drop of precum appeared, I licked it up.
Eventually I took all of him into my hot mouth and sucked until I felt him
close to coming. Only I didn’t want him to cum yet so I stopped. It was
my turn.
Taking him by the hand, I led him over to my black leather couch. I
sat down and told him to kneel in front of me. I soon spread my legs and he
got the picture. His long moist tongue was soon spelling out the alphabet on
my swollen clit. It penetrated my juicy interior causing me to moan and arch
my hips. I wasn’t sure how much more I could take so I grabbed his head and
brought it up to my lips. I wanted to taste myself so I kissed him long and
hard. At this point I was ready, I wanted his beautiful cock inside me.

I stood up and had him sit down on the couch. Then I straddled him
on my knees while facing him and proceeded to place his throbbing member
inside my lubricated pussy. As I started to move slowly up and down and
around, I let him suck on my hard nipples. I started to fuck him slowly but
soon increased my speed. My toes soon started tingling and it traveled up my
spine to reach my head. Everything around me disappeared, all I could do was
feel the beautiful pain whipping around my body. As I came down from my
intense orgasm his body started tensing up. I quickly pulled out and let him
spurt his sperm all over my stomach and thighs. He let out a deep moan and
his eyes rolled back in his head.

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After about 5 minutes of having his cocked licked and sucked on, he said
something and she stopped and moved over to the side of the desk. She
proceeded to lean over the desk with her legs spread. He came over to
her and slipped off her skirt. Then with one swift movement he
penetrated her waiting pussy. Starting off slow, he thrust in and out.
As he started to fuck her, I got more serious about my masturbating. I
started rubbing my clit harder and faster…occasionally reaching down
to lubricate it with some of my juices. As he sped up, obviously close
to orgasming, I too sped up. As I saw him suddenly pull out and spurt
his juices all over her ass, my body started to shudder and I came with
such an intensity that I had never felt before. My toes curled, my
stomach moved into my throat and a long moan escaped from my throat. I
was too caught up in my own pleasure to bother noticing if the woman had
cum too.

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Her apartment was (how can one put it tactfully?) a mess. An eclectic
mixture of reprocessed Victoriana, Japanese boutique, and neo-Haight-Ashbury.
“Hey Tweezer!” she yelled out to a battered birdcage, large enough to
comfortably house an albatross. In it chirped a finch of some nondescript sort,
while the cage bottom was covered with sheets of newspaper printed in Cyrillic.
“Make yourself comfortable while I heat up the chocolate” Norma directed as
she disappeared into the kitchen. There wasn’t much room to sit down anywhere
except on a large threadbare sofa, which I doubt had ever seen better days.
Piled haphazardly on the chairs were books of all sorts, with titles like: “The
Works of Virgil Finlay,” “The Kalmyk Mongols,” “Les Fleurs du Mal,” “Sundials,”
“Memoirs of a Tattoist,” etc. In all, a most diverse assortment of interests.
When Norma returned from the kitchen, I noticed that she had changed her
clothes. She was again wearing her accustomed jeans and a black tank-top. I had
never before seen her bare arms. I was mildly shocked to note that her
underarms were unshaven; adorned with sparse wisps of silky auburn down. She
was also barefoot. Her feet were tiny and well-formed, without any of the usual
calluses heels inflict on a woman. She looked adorable; women are so sylph-like
when barefoot.

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Of singular interest to me was the fact that she never used perfume of any
sort. Yet sitting beside Norma, especially on a dank, humid day, I’d perceive a
decided redolence about her. How could this be described? Musky? No, musty
might possibly be more accurate. The closest I could compare Norma’s olfactory
aura to would be that of jonquils. This scent had a profound influence upon me;
throughout most of the class I’d be burdened with a massive erection. Later,
when time came for a piss-break, I noted that the end of my cock
was wet with the glaire of arousal.
Norma was definitely an unconventional sort; latter-day hippie should well
suffice to describe her. Every so often, she’d punctuate innocuous conversation
with non sequiturs such as “Damn cold makes my nipples hard!” and “Can you loan
me a dime for the tampon-machine?” Parenthetically, now that I think of it, she
never did pay back any of lo, those many dimes she borrowed.

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“Oh of course how silly of me” replied Keri. So Keri started to
undress her self but I interceded.

“Let me help you with those, you had a long hard day of traveling now
its time to relax.” Calvin said

While unpacking the clothes earlier Calvin noticed some exotic oils in
the bathroom. On the bottle it said “good for baths and/or massages.”
Well, he thought, I am giving her a massage, he also find a bottle
called “Cherry Flavored Love Cream” and he took that also. When he got
back to the bedroom he was greeted with a beautiful sight. Keri was
laying there on her back on the bed totally nude. God she is gorgeous
he thought. He loved how soft and silky smooth her skin looks. How her
beautiful sculpted back meets her perfect ass. How her long and lean
her legs look and all of it encased in a beautifully golden brown body.
He wanted to do more than massage her body.

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“Calvin dear, you’re drooling. You like them young dont ya Calvin” she

“She does have magnificent legs I’ll grant you that, but there will be
more than enough of that later and all the more stamina, my dear Keri,
all the more stamina…” I replied

Calvin picked a paper off the desk. “This is the agenda for the
weekend. This afternoon is the pool party where we can meet the
others and get aquainted.” He explained that the people who came
here were all ‘adventurous’ in their own way. Some straight, some gay
but most were into scenes with both men and women. “You’ll see. “It’s
an opportunity to explore new territory and test your limits a
little.” Keri was bitting her lower lip in an effort to control her
self then her tounge snaked out and licked her lips.

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When Keri came through the gate he instantly recognized her. As she
made her way through the crowd his eyes feasted on her. She was
wearing an orange dress that ended mid-thigh, which also revealed
bared shoulders. Her skin was a deep brown from a summer of tanning,
her hair long and blonder than ever, and her lips were full and
pretty. His eyes than riveted to her breasts. They had perhaps
grown the most since he had last seen her–full-sized, 34 C or D
cups, he estimated.

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Two teen lesbians eat each other outCalvin drove through the gates of a large plantation and stopped in
front of a huge mansion house. We carried our bags up the steps and I
rang the bell. The door opened and we were greeted by a beautiful
girl about Keri’s age in a sexy maid’s uniform. Calvin told her who
we were and she invited us inside. She took us to our suite which was
large and nicely furnished with antiques.

“After you’ve freshened up, please join the other guests for cocktails
at the pool.” She said then left the room. I watched her walk down the
long hall, her firm upturned ass swaying with each step. Keri noticed
my fascination with the servant girl.