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Back on the screen, two black men were having their cocks sucked by a white
lady. It looked as if she really liked to suck cock. She was deep throating
both dicks, one at a time while jacking off the other one. Soon they
exchanged places with one man fucking her from behind and the other
continuuing to be sucked on by the white lady. Both men were pumping away
furiously. “How does she get that much cock in her mouth,” Janis leaned over
and whispered to Peter. “I don’t know, having never suck cock before,” Peter
whispered back.

“You just relax your throat and concentrate, initally. Soon, its no problem
and you can take the biggest cock in the world,” volunteered the girl sitting
in front of them with a smile. She still had not pulled her tube top up and
was sitting there with her tits exposed. Peter was glad that he had asked her
to have a drink, but with her response, he began to wonder if she might be
carrying some type of disease. While not paranoid, Peter was concerned about
disease, as he knew both of his “charges” were. “Well, while we are having a
drink, we’ll discuss that,” he thought to himself.

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“I have to go get dressed,” said J . “Wait just a few minutes and meet me in
the hall and we’ll go down to the meeting together. Want any breakfast?” “No
answered G . “See you in a few minutes.
When the girls got the Janis’s car, Peter was already there waiting. The
girls had on loose fitting sun dresses and Garolynn plainly was wearing no
bra. They all got in the car and headed toward a drive in restaurant that
Garolynn had suggested. The meeting had run longer than anticipated and it
was already 6:30 pm. All three were famished and all they wanted was a
hamburger, fries and something to drink. As they gulped down their food, they
wandered toward the theater that Garolynn had picked out from the newspaper.

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He just seems to accept me the way I am.” J
replied. “Yeah, he never has really gawked at me either. I tried to get his
attention several times but he was always pleasant without really making me
feel like he wanted to squeeze my tits. Matter of fact, since we have been
making love this week, I’m not sure that he has paid them any attention.
That’s kind of unique. Most of the men I have made love with – and that’s not
many by the way – have tried to squeeze the damn things off my chest. P ‘s
pretty unusual.” G smiled. “Yeah, I know,” J said with a far away look in
her eyes. “He is the first man I have ever had an extramarital affair with.
He never pushed me. He just looked into my eyes one day in a meeting and I
knew he knew he could have me. We had casual touches and he flirted with me
over the phone until I practically ran over him trying to get him to make love
to me.” “Well, I’ve tried to get his attention several times to no avail.”

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G grunted in agreement as her
hand found J ‘s clit. J practically jumped off the tub floor as a flame of
passion swept from her toes to her throat. She groaned loudly as she mashed
her lips to G ‘s. She felt G ‘s fingers invade her cunt and she exploded in a
climax as her juices ran down her leg. “Oh God,” she moaned as she bucked
against G ‘s fingers moving in an out of her pussy. “I don’t know if I will
ever be the same after this week.” “Me either,” said G as the two women
clung to each other regaining the strength to finish this shower.

They rinsed one another off and stepped from the tub, turning off the water.
They began to dry themselves. “Why have we been able to just turn ourselves
into practically nymphomaniacs during this week?” asked J . “I don’t know,”
said G . “This is the most sex I have had in months. I know these breasts
attract men like flies, but I mostly just turn them away. Sometimes I like to
tease men with them – I wear some low cut outfit with no bra underneath and
watch men’s eyes jump out of their heads. Men are so stupid sometimes.” “I
know, I wish I had a set like that. People look at me and think I don’t have
a tit one. It used to really bother me but I finally quit trying to grow
bigger and just accepted the fact. P is the first person I know of that
hasn’t said a word about them.

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Peter slowly eased out the door, checking up and down the hallway as he left.
“Gosh, I had a good time last night,” Garolynn admitted to Janis. “Me too,”
Janis replied. “I better get next door and take a shower.” “Why don’t you
take one with me,” Garolynn offerred. “But, I won’t have any clean clothes,”
said Janis. “Look, we have a connecting door,” said Garolynn. “You just go
into your room, open your door and we can go between.” “OK,” said Janis. She
quickly slipped on her levis, without putting on her panties, pulled her
sweatshirt over her head and grabbed her key. She slipped through the door,
opened hers and made sure it was shut before she opened the door to Garolynn’s
room. Garolynn was standing there, naked as a jay bird, as Janis opened the
door. Garolynn turned and walked into her bathroom as Janis began to remove
her clothes. When Janis got to the shower, Garolynn was already in. Janis
tenatively pulled back the shower curtain and slipped in. Garolynn offered
her the soap. Janis began to soap her body as she watched Garolynn rubbing
her breasts. Janis was a little jealous of Garolynn’s breasts because hers
were so little. She reached out and began to soap Garolynn’s breasts. As she
did, Garolynn brought her mouth down on Janis’s. They had a long, slow kiss,
each other’s tongues darting in and out of the other’s mouth. The shower
water rinsed the soap from Garolynn’s breasts as Janis brought her mouth down
to Garolynn’s nipples. The nipples hardened immeadiately as Janis adroitly
massaged them with her mouth and tongue. Janis found her hand moving to
Garolynn’s crotch where it found the pink bud of Garolynn’s clit. Garolynn
moaned as Janis began rubbing the swollen patch of flesh. Janis raised her
head and kissed Garolynn on the mouth again, their tongues intertwining.

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When the phone rang, Garolynn jumped from the bed. “Hello,” she said. “Thank
you.” “That was the wakeup call. Its 6:30.” The three of them looked at
each other’s naked bodies. All of a sudden, they all began kissing one
another. “Thank you for a very wonderful evening, ladies,” Peter said to both
the women. “And thank you too,” they both chimed in almost simultaneoulsly.
The girls both giggled and Peter began laughing. He reached up and stroked
Garolynn’s tits, “Those are mighty fine mammaries,” he joked. “Big or small,”
as he squeezed Janis’s nipples, “I like them all.” “Can we do this again?” he
asked. “Well, we’ve got tonight and tomorrow night,” giggled Garolynn. “I’ll
look for another movie,” laughed Janis.

“Well, I better get out of here and get my clothes changed, shower and do all
that man stuff, before breakfast. Lets discuss this a little later. We have
to be careful for Janis because there are a lot of people here that know her
husband. You can probably approach her more easily than I can Garolynn, but I
have to be extra careful,” said Peter. “Please do,” said Janis. “I don’t
want a divorce or any other problems.” “OK, OK, you two. Janis and I can
become friends and no one will be the wiser. If any moves have to be made,
I’ll make them and people will just think you and I are screwing around with
one another.” laughed Garolynn. “OK, see you all at the meeting,” Peter said
slipping on his shoes.

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But then
Janis says everybody is different, so maybe I started at the top of the taste
pile,” she giggled. “I have never made love to a woman before today and
really had negative feelings about it. However, while I would not say it is
my preference, I enjoyed making love to you Janis. You are a treat to watch
when you are cumming. I knew that was you this afternoon, but I couldn’t be
sure until you came tonight. I wish I could get into it that well. When I
cum, its good, don’t get me wrong; but when you cum, your whole body is in it.
Its like you are in some other world. And Peter, you are a great partner.

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Garolynn was lying back
on the bed now with her pussy fully exposed at the edge of the bed. Janis was
sucking on the clit and Peter was fucking her pussy. Garolynn felt Peter’s
thumb enter her asshole as he continued the motions that were beginning to
bring the knot of climax to her stomach. She could feel the juices running
down her ass as they flowed out of her pussy. Janis tongue was driving her
crazy and the combined motion was something she had not felt before. Suddenly
there was a sharp pain in her cunt. She cried out, but the pain subsided
almost immediately. She could feel his fist in her. Janis quit licking her
pussy as she watched Peter fist fuck Garolynn. Janis could not believe that
Garolynn would accept that large fist in her cunt without cries of protest,
yet Garolynn was gyrating her hips in unison with Peter’s thrusts. Peter’s
arm went in Garolynn up to his wrist and she noticed all the fluids leaking
from Garolynn’s hot cunt. Garolynn began to cum. Her hips were gyrating with
each thrust Peter made. Janis had never seen this before and she was amazed.
“Put some fingers in her ass,” Janis whispered.

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Janis began to sit up as she watched Garolynn fistfuck her. She had never
seen that before and found it interesting that something as big as a fist
could be in her cunt and still provide the pleasure that she was deriving.
Peter noticed Janis watching Garolynn and said, “OK, so now that we have all
finally cum, lets play fantasy and do whatever someone else wishes, as long as
it doesn’t hurt either party, OK?” The girls thought a minute and then both
agreed. They checked the clock on the TV set and it was only 10 pm so Peter
said, “Janis, what would you like to see?” Janis thought a minute. “I don’t
know,” she said. “I guess I would like to see two guys sucking and fucking
but we don’t have that situation. How about if you fist fuck Garolynn. If I
like what I see, maybe you can fist fuck us both.” “OK, but you’ll have to
get her juices flowing,” Peter said.

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At the same time, I closed my lips around his cock as he began to
ejaculate. His thick hot sperm splattered into my mouth and I swallowed every
drop of it, swirling my tongue across the head of his cock as semen pumped out
of him. I licked him clean, gulping it all down greedily.

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“I think these stockings make my legs and ankles look really sexy,” I
said, boldly turning around so he could see me from all angles. “Don’t you
think so?” I asked.
“Ohh, Miss Taylor!” Kevin gasped, ogling my stocking-sheathed legs.
“I love the way they make my thighs feel,” I told him, sliding my hands
over the glistening nylon covering my legs.
“M..Miss Taylor,” Kevin stammered, getting to his feet and backing away.
“I don’t think we should be doing this. I don’t want to get into any
“Don’t worry, Kevin,” I purred reassuringly.
I walked toward him, my stockings sizzling as I did. Kevin just stood
there, unable to move. I dropped my skirt, moving my hand boldly to my
pupil’s inner thigh, skimming lightly, appraisingly, over the solid pouch
between his legs. My finger tips traced the warm, rigid length of his
masculinity, making Kevin tremble.

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I stood in front of the mirror in my lingerie. My hair was a golden
cloud that swirled around my shoulders as I made sure my make-up was
fashion-model perfect. I felt terribly wanton as I put on a short skirt and
tightly fitted blouse, leaving the top three buttons open.
From the minute I came in the door, Kevin couldn’t take his eyes off me.
His eyes instantly locked on my breasts, which crowned subtly but were
distinctly visible within my blouse. I could hardly control myself as we
worked through his lesson. He messed up almost everything, obviously
distracted by my flirtatious attire.
When we were through, I began to implement my scheme. I stood up, and
feigning a slip, stumbled against the desk, falling to the floor. As
expected, Kevin jumped to my assistance.
“It’s my right leg. I think it’s just a cramp in the calf,” I told him,
“but I don’t know if I can walk.”
“Here, Miss Taylor,” he offered courteously, “let me help you over to the
I leaned heavily against him, making sure that my breast pressed warmly
against his arm. I couple of phony limping steps and I fell back onto the
couch, my skirt “accidentally” sliding up my thighs.

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With much reluctance, and more than a little frustration, I withdrew, upon which she
pushed me upright with a strength that surprised me and, like a striking
snake, snapped her head down and swallowed my enraged organ before the first
drop could be lost. I thrust my hips against her head, unable to control my
orgasm, ignoring in my lust the danger of choking the poor girl. But she
gulped it all down, right to the roots, her tongue stroking the entire
length of it, and she gripped my buttocks fiercely as I pumped my milk down
her throat. Then slowly, a finger’s breadth at a time, she drew her head
away, coaxing out the last drops that remained. My flesh passed her lips at
last with a faint pop and she lay back, pulling me down atop her panting
chest. Before I grew limp I slid back into the softness of her womanhood,
and there I fell asleep as her inner hand squeezed and released, squeezed
and released.

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To cut straight to the heart of the situation, and spare you the
lengthy conversation with which I swayed the fair Iana to my will, she
agreed to receive me in her room when the moon had set. Ah, the impatience
with which I watched that fat crescent descend behind the hills! When there
was but a sliver left to view, it seemed to hang their for hours, mocking
me, before the last silvery tip disappeared. At last I made my way to the
door beyond which lay the subject of my desire. As I pushed it open slowly,
the light from my candle cast an ever-widening wedge of light on the
foot-smoothed wooden floor, an arrow which pierced the shadows and pointed
the way to my delight. As it touched the foot of the bed, before it could
illuminate what lay therein, she called in a whisper, “Put out the candle,
and come to me.” Hesitating nary an instant, I did as she bade me, closing
the heavy oaken door behind me. There was a window next to the bed, but
with the moon gone the stars cast only enough light to reveal the dark
shadows of the bed and something moving upon it. Letting my robe flow
silently off my back onto the floor, I felt my way beneath the heavy blanket
which shielded Iana’s body from the evening’s chill.

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Since I was done with him I went over and got his clothes and tossed them to him. I put mine back on and figured there was no way I was going to
get any work done so I left the office and went home quite satisfied. He
never did say a word to me but when I came to work the next morning my trash
had been emptied and my office was straightened up. It was the nicest it had
looked in a long time.

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I was really starting to get into to it…coming real close to an
orgasm when I heard my door shut and I felt someone staring at me. I
opened my eyes to see who had intruded on my little session. To my
surprise, one of the janitors was standing before me…his eyes
practically bulging out of his head, not to mention another part of his
body that was bulging. For a janitor he wasn’t bad looking, it must be a
second job or something. He was tall, muscular with a good head of hair and
a nice smile. At first I was a little shocked but then I realized that
I should take advantage of the situation, I could make someone please me
instead of having to do it myself.

Walking past the poor man, I went to the door and locked it as
to prevent anymore unnecessary intrusions. He was speechless as I returned
to him and finished undressing myself in front of him. As my white blouse
and bra fell off I reached up feel my hardening nipples. I stood before
him completely exposed. But who wants to be the only naked person, so I
reached out and unbuttoned his dark blue shirt. His chest had a small patch
of black curly hairs but was relatively bare. Leaning forward I ran my
soft hands over his nipples. He shuddered but still did not utter a word.
My playful fingers found their way to his belt and pants and they quickly
fell to the floor to join the other clothing. He was wearing a pair of white
boxers which had formed themselves into a tent. His erection was straining
to be free. I thought that I would be kind and let it go wherever it wanted.