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Peter slowly eased out the door, checking up and down the hallway as he left.
“Gosh, I had a good time last night,” Garolynn admitted to Janis. “Me too,”
Janis replied. “I better get next door and take a shower.” “Why don’t you
take one with me,” Garolynn offerred. “But, I won’t have any clean clothes,”
said Janis. “Look, we have a connecting door,” said Garolynn. “You just go
into your room, open your door and we can go between.” “OK,” said Janis. She
quickly slipped on her levis, without putting on her panties, pulled her
sweatshirt over her head and grabbed her key. She slipped through the door,
opened hers and made sure it was shut before she opened the door to Garolynn’s
room. Garolynn was standing there, naked as a jay bird, as Janis opened the
door. Garolynn turned and walked into her bathroom as Janis began to remove
her clothes. When Janis got to the shower, Garolynn was already in. Janis
tenatively pulled back the shower curtain and slipped in. Garolynn offered
her the soap. Janis began to soap her body as she watched Garolynn rubbing
her breasts. Janis was a little jealous of Garolynn’s breasts because hers
were so little. She reached out and began to soap Garolynn’s breasts. As she
did, Garolynn brought her mouth down on Janis’s. They had a long, slow kiss,
each other’s tongues darting in and out of the other’s mouth. The shower
water rinsed the soap from Garolynn’s breasts as Janis brought her mouth down
to Garolynn’s nipples. The nipples hardened immeadiately as Janis adroitly
massaged them with her mouth and tongue. Janis found her hand moving to
Garolynn’s crotch where it found the pink bud of Garolynn’s clit. Garolynn
moaned as Janis began rubbing the swollen patch of flesh. Janis raised her
head and kissed Garolynn on the mouth again, their tongues intertwining.

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“You are an expert,” Garolynn said as she licked her lips where some of
Peter’s cum had rubbed off from Janis’s mouth. “Where did you learn to do
that?” “My first husband,” Janis replied. “He made me suck his cock right
after we were married. He liked to get sucked off and we would practice a
lot. His sperm tasted way different that Peter’s. When I got divorced, I
dated several men. Sometimes I would suck them off rather than fuck them. I
found that most men like to be sucked off and if I swallowed the sperm, they
appreciated it more. I’m no expert, but I suppose I have sucked 3 or 4
different men off over the last several years. I have gotten to where I
really enjoy sucking men off, albeit some men’s sperm taste far better than
others.” “My, that’s quite a summary of your sex life,” replied Garolynn.
“Well, we’re all friends here, aren’t we?” asked Janis. “At least I hope so
as we have each played with the other’s sexual fantasies here for the last
couple of hours.” “My husband was not nearly as sexually oriented as your
first husband, I guess,” said Garolynn. “He fucked me about once a week but
would never consider oral sex. He thought it was dirty, or something. Since
our divorce, I have had some experience with other men, but not in the oral
department, like you Janis. I have had men please me orally, but that was a
new experience just a few years ago. I have sucked on men’s cocks but,
believe it or not, Peter was the first person to cum in my mouth just this
afternoon. I was surprised by the amount of cum and the taste, although I
must admit, Peter, it didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would.

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Peter rubbed his fingers in
the juices flowing from Garolynn’s cunt and slowly inserted 1 then 2 and then
three fingers in Garolynn’s rectal orifice. He moved both hands to her hip
gyration as she began moaning louder and louder. “Play with her tits and
nipples as she starts cumming,” Peter suggested. Janis continued to watch
Peter fist fuck Garolynn as she squeezed those mammaries that she had envied
when they fell from their restraints. She noticed that Peter had inserted a
fourth finger into Garolynn’s ass and was fucking both holes as Garolynn
thrust against them. Garolynn began to stiffen as she approached another
climax. Juices began running down Peter’s arm as Garolynn became lost in the
rippling from her mons to her tits and back down to her toes. Her toes were
opening and closing now as she bucked wildly against Peter’s hands. As Janis
watched, Peter inserted his whole hand in Garolynn’s ass and was fist fucking
both her ass and her pussy at the same time. Garolynn was rigid now, sucking
little short breaths and bucking with short little strokes. She didn’t even
notice that she had two fist in her orifices and that Janis was watching the
whole thing. She didn’t care. All she cared about was the rippling flames
running up and down her body. She was wild with emotion.

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Garolynn was lying back
on the bed now with her pussy fully exposed at the edge of the bed. Janis was
sucking on the clit and Peter was fucking her pussy. Garolynn felt Peter’s
thumb enter her asshole as he continued the motions that were beginning to
bring the knot of climax to her stomach. She could feel the juices running
down her ass as they flowed out of her pussy. Janis tongue was driving her
crazy and the combined motion was something she had not felt before. Suddenly
there was a sharp pain in her cunt. She cried out, but the pain subsided
almost immediately. She could feel his fist in her. Janis quit licking her
pussy as she watched Peter fist fuck Garolynn. Janis could not believe that
Garolynn would accept that large fist in her cunt without cries of protest,
yet Garolynn was gyrating her hips in unison with Peter’s thrusts. Peter’s
arm went in Garolynn up to his wrist and she noticed all the fluids leaking
from Garolynn’s hot cunt. Garolynn began to cum. Her hips were gyrating with
each thrust Peter made. Janis had never seen this before and she was amazed.
“Put some fingers in her ass,” Janis whispered.

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At the same time, I closed my lips around his cock as he began to
ejaculate. His thick hot sperm splattered into my mouth and I swallowed every
drop of it, swirling my tongue across the head of his cock as semen pumped out
of him. I licked him clean, gulping it all down greedily.

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Lowering my head to his groin, I exhaled hotly as I lay the tip of his
manhood on my lower lip, extending my tongue so that I could tease the small
little hole into giving me its pearl.
“Oh, my God!” he moaned. “Oh, my God!”
I let my tongue travel in tiny circles, teasingly, gradually centering in
on his most sensitive spot. And when I got to that tender ridge, Kevin just
stopped breathing, and his entire body tightened up. Opening my mouth a
little more, I took his whole length in my mouth. Right down to his hairy
I closed my lips around the base and held absolutely still for just a
second as a chill ran down my spine. I rubbed my thighs together, massaging
my burning pussy, nearly climaxing again from the excitement.
Kevin enlarged rapidly inside my warm suctioning mouth until he was
pushing against the back of my throat. I began to gag, and I had to withdraw,
letting his now turgid spire slide gradually from my lips.

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“That feels so good!” I exhaled as he slowly probed my lustful sex
tunnel. He began to slide his middle finger in and out, and I loved the
stimulation. He soon had two fingers, then three buried deep inside my horny
cunt. I bit my lower lip every time I felt my orgasm flaring up. Several
times I was on the verge of coming, and held back, but then I lost control.
My body exploded in orgasm as I screamed with satisfied lust.
“Oh baby, do it to my pussy! Push your hand all the way inside me. I’m
coming! Pleeeeease! Don’t stop!”
I had three quick, shattering orgasms in a row, and I felt like I was
going to pass out. I practically fell over, and when I finally stopped
shaking, and turned to Kevin and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Silently, I
had him lie down on his back on the thickly carpeted floor. I slid my damp
panties down my legs and off, then knelt next to Kevin on the floor.

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Before he knew what was happening, I was examining Kevin’s spectacular peter. His cock was standing straight up, deep red, and I began to
slide my finger tips along the shaft, touching the soft skin ever so lightly.
At the same time, I reached between his beefy thighs and palmed his balls.
I’d only been touching him for a minute or two when he started to breathe
exceptionally deep and fast.
“Oh, Jesus,” I heard him grunt. “I can’t hold back any longer. It’s
just too much. I’m going to come!”
For a moment, I looked fondly at the contorted expression on his face,
then his virile prick was jerking wildly in my hand. I felt Kevin’s thick hot
semen spurting all over my fingers.
“Oh, my God! Look at it, Kevin! God, you’re coming so much,” I gasped.
Running my fist up and down his spewing cock fast and hard, I pumped even
more of his semen from his virile young body, until he begged me to stop.
Happily, I licked my fingers, devouring every last drop of his fluid. Then I
guided Kevin’s hand to my groin. Instinctively, he slipped his hand inside my
panties and quickly located my moist opening.

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“I think these stockings make my legs and ankles look really sexy,” I
said, boldly turning around so he could see me from all angles. “Don’t you
think so?” I asked.
“Ohh, Miss Taylor!” Kevin gasped, ogling my stocking-sheathed legs.
“I love the way they make my thighs feel,” I told him, sliding my hands
over the glistening nylon covering my legs.
“M..Miss Taylor,” Kevin stammered, getting to his feet and backing away.
“I don’t think we should be doing this. I don’t want to get into any
“Don’t worry, Kevin,” I purred reassuringly.
I walked toward him, my stockings sizzling as I did. Kevin just stood
there, unable to move. I dropped my skirt, moving my hand boldly to my
pupil’s inner thigh, skimming lightly, appraisingly, over the solid pouch
between his legs. My finger tips traced the warm, rigid length of his
masculinity, making Kevin tremble.

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About six months ago, I was contacted by the parents of a seventeen year
old guy named Kevin. It seems he was really interested in programming, and
for some reason, his parents wanted someone to help select a computer and
software, and then to tutor their son. The money was very attractive, so I
decided to do it. When I first met Kevin, I was stunned! Not only was he a
very bright, rather shy kid; he was gorgeous. Almost six feet tall, blonde,
tanned, and athletic, Kevin was so good looking I could hardly concentrate as
we talked.
After they bought a loaded AT clone, I began visiting their house two
evenings a week to teach Kevin to be a programmer. By the second lesson, I
desperately wanted to teach him something else! I couldn’t believe my luck
when his parents told me they were going away on vacation, a month-long
cruise, but that Kevin would be staying home to continue his lessons. An aunt
who lived across town was supposed to keep an eye on things, but Kevin was
pretty much on his own. They paid me in advance for his lessons, and off they

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With much reluctance, and more than a little frustration, I withdrew, upon which she
pushed me upright with a strength that surprised me and, like a striking
snake, snapped her head down and swallowed my enraged organ before the first
drop could be lost. I thrust my hips against her head, unable to control my
orgasm, ignoring in my lust the danger of choking the poor girl. But she
gulped it all down, right to the roots, her tongue stroking the entire
length of it, and she gripped my buttocks fiercely as I pumped my milk down
her throat. Then slowly, a finger’s breadth at a time, she drew her head
away, coaxing out the last drops that remained. My flesh passed her lips at
last with a faint pop and she lay back, pulling me down atop her panting
chest. Before I grew limp I slid back into the softness of her womanhood,
and there I fell asleep as her inner hand squeezed and released, squeezed
and released.

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When her naked body pressed against mine, her skin felt like the
smoothest silk compared with the coarseness of the blanket. Her hot breath
tickled in my ear as her mouth sought my own. My tongue bathed her lips,
then ran along her teeth, then slipped between them to find her tongue
which, far from being reticent, fought gently with mine, now forcing its way
into my mouth, now withdrawing. My hand, while this oral battle was being
waged which could only end with both of us the victor, had run its course
from her shoulder down to her breast, a swell of flesh so soft and yielding
that it felt almost liquid, then on to her hip and down her leg to her
slightly bent knee, then up the inside of the same leg, proceeding ever more
slowly. As I felt the warmth from the junction of her thighs waft against
my hand, her leg retreated from my fingers, widening the path to the capital
of her passion. At last I felt the tickle of little curly hairs, and I
moved my palm onto her mossy hill, feeling it move with each breath she
drew. My longest finger pressed downward, and the base of that hill split
apart to admit it. Her heated burrow hungrily accepted my finger and bathed
it with a sticky balm; she sighed against my teeth as her arms reached out
to pull me on top of her. Rather than deny a lady’s request, albeit
unspoken, I withdrew my hand and replaced it with my own loins. Her hand
moved down to grasp my chief contribution to our mutual pleasure, and
stroked the throbbing shaft for a few precious moments before guiding it to
the humid cave which my fingers had so recently and so reluctantly abandoned.

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To cut straight to the heart of the situation, and spare you the
lengthy conversation with which I swayed the fair Iana to my will, she
agreed to receive me in her room when the moon had set. Ah, the impatience
with which I watched that fat crescent descend behind the hills! When there
was but a sliver left to view, it seemed to hang their for hours, mocking
me, before the last silvery tip disappeared. At last I made my way to the
door beyond which lay the subject of my desire. As I pushed it open slowly,
the light from my candle cast an ever-widening wedge of light on the
foot-smoothed wooden floor, an arrow which pierced the shadows and pointed
the way to my delight. As it touched the foot of the bed, before it could
illuminate what lay therein, she called in a whisper, “Put out the candle,
and come to me.” Hesitating nary an instant, I did as she bade me, closing
the heavy oaken door behind me. There was a window next to the bed, but
with the moon gone the stars cast only enough light to reveal the dark
shadows of the bed and something moving upon it. Letting my robe flow
silently off my back onto the floor, I felt my way beneath the heavy blanket
which shielded Iana’s body from the evening’s chill.

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To my delight, his cock was the perfect size, not too large and
not too small. I thought how nice it would be to lick it and suck it so I
did just that. Kneeling down, I lightly grabbed his balls in one hand and
started running my tongue up and down his shaft, occasionally doing small
circles around the head. As each drop of precum appeared, I licked it up.
Eventually I took all of him into my hot mouth and sucked until I felt him
close to coming. Only I didn’t want him to cum yet so I stopped. It was
my turn.
Taking him by the hand, I led him over to my black leather couch. I
sat down and told him to kneel in front of me. I soon spread my legs and he
got the picture. His long moist tongue was soon spelling out the alphabet on
my swollen clit. It penetrated my juicy interior causing me to moan and arch
my hips. I wasn’t sure how much more I could take so I grabbed his head and
brought it up to my lips. I wanted to taste myself so I kissed him long and
hard. At this point I was ready, I wanted his beautiful cock inside me.

I stood up and had him sit down on the couch. Then I straddled him
on my knees while facing him and proceeded to place his throbbing member
inside my lubricated pussy. As I started to move slowly up and down and
around, I let him suck on my hard nipples. I started to fuck him slowly but
soon increased my speed. My toes soon started tingling and it traveled up my
spine to reach my head. Everything around me disappeared, all I could do was
feel the beautiful pain whipping around my body. As I came down from my
intense orgasm his body started tensing up. I quickly pulled out and let him
spurt his sperm all over my stomach and thighs. He let out a deep moan and
his eyes rolled back in his head.

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If you remember correctly, the last time I spoke with you I told
you of a scene I witnessed in the office across the way….well, about one
week later I was sitting in my office. It was around 7:00, I had stayed late
to finish writing a proposal for my boss when I started thinking about what
I had seen the week before. I started getting real turned on. There was a
throbbing feeling in the crotch of my pants, something that was demanding to
be taken care of. I figured what the hell….everyone had left the office
by now. After closing the blinds to my windows, I turned off all the
lights except my bankers lamp on my desk. I slipped off my dark green
silk pants and wiggled out of the black g-string I was wearing underneath.
After leaning back in my chair, I propped my legs up on the desk. I closed
my eyes to take myself back in time and reached down to start lightly
rubbing my clit in little circles.

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I didn’t have long to wait…he soon lifted the woman off of his desk
and placed her on the floor, kneeling in front of him. His chair had
swiveled so I could still see what was happening. He unzipped his pants
and she pulled them off. He then started to slide off his boxers and
she finished the job. He grabbed her head and pushed it down on his
enlarged, hard cock. Her head bobbed up and down as she took all of him
in her mouth. His eyes were closed and his head had fallen back as he
concentrated on the sucking her mouth was doing. By this time I was
starting to drip my own juices onto the chair I was sitting on. I could
hardly wait until they started fucking, but I wasn’t sure how long I was
going to last.