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Anyway, there is one girl in particular that I still find myself thinking
about from time to time…. Her name was (is!) Jessica S. I used to
fantasize about her like crazy…. She was about 5 feet 6 or 7 inches tall,
she had beautiful golden-blonde streaked hair, probably a 34-C cup; just the
really beautiful, sexy teenage girl-next-door look. She dressed like
most of the other whores of her age…. you know, baggy pants, etc., most of the
time. But in warm whether, like many of the other girls, she would wear
shorts, and at times like that, during my rounds in the classroom, I would
often catch myself sneaking furtive, lusting looks at her beautiful legs…..
Golden blonde hair on those legs, hair that became slightly thicker and more
pronounced as they worked their way up her gorgeous, tanned, brown legs.

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Justin and I went to Swiss Chalet for supper. After we went to Wendy’s got frosty’s. He gave me an advil and got me water. Then we went to see Disturbia.

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This time we made out so much, he’s getting really good at French Kissing, but he does shove my face into his hard. He touched my vagina, I think he was going to finger me, but didn’t know where to insert his finger because he was pushing on my clit. Well I gave him a hand job again. I kept feeling his penis moving and my hand was getting wet, he was already erect when I started to touch him. He felt up my bare breasts again. Justin was breathing really heavy.

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“Do you want to invite them to our room?” asked Peter quietly. “No,” said
Janis. “Who knows what you might catch!” “You’re right,” said Peter
dismissing the idea. Garolynn began to moan softly as she came again under
Peter’s fingering. “Oh God, Peter, I have to do something,” said Janis. A
woman on the screen was giving a giant cock a blow job. As Janis looked at
the screen, the man began to come wildly. Semen squirted all over the woman’s
face. It ran down her chest as he finished squirting on her tits. She raised
her left breast to her mouth and licked the cum from its nipple. The man
moved to her slit and began to lick the clit. Juices were flowing from her
cunt as her hips began to gyrate wildly to the movements of his tongue.
Screams began issuing from her lips as she began to cum. Juices flowed across
the face of the man sucking her pussy as she flailed wildly to spasms shooting
through her hips. Janis was so wet that she felt the wet spot soaking through
the dress that covered her pussy. She raised the dress as she began massaging
the swollen clit that ached in her crotch. Peter grabbed her hands as
Garolynn and he guided her from the theater. Janis could hardly make it to
the car. Janis climbed into the back seat as Garolynn climbed in behind her.
Peter watched as Garolynn bent over and began tounging Janis’s clit. Janis
began screaming almost immediately as waves of emotion rocked her body.

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A couple entered the theater and seated themselves in the couch in front of
Peter, Janis and Garolynn. She had on a very short skirt and a tube top.
They watched the movie and as men began cumming on various parts of women’s
bodies on the screen, the woman in front of Garolynn leaned over and said
something to the man who had been seated on the couch when the couple arrived.
She then leaned forward and unzipped the man’s pants and began to suck on his
cock. Garolynn began squirming. “This woman is blowing this man right in
front of me,” she whispered to Peter. The man slid her tube top down and
began playing with her tits. The man that had come in with her got off the
couch behind her and began to fuck her. “Christ, this is better than the
movie,” Garolynn giggled. Janis, Peter and Garolynn leaned forward and
watched as the three continued fucking and sucking not 5 feet away. Garolynn
felt a hand sliding her dress up her leg and a finger found her clit.

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It was a run down looking affair that both girls agreed they would not enter
unless Peter was with them but since he was there, they all three went in.
Again, there was a sign that said escorted ladies were free so the girls got
in for nothing. Peter paid the $6.00 fee and they went to the theater door.
As they entered, the saw the theater had small dim lights allowing them to see
the seating was in couches that were scattered about with a large isle down
the middle. There were 8 or 10 people in the theater, most of which were
sitting in the back rows on either side of the door.

Peter led them to a couch on the right side. There was a large arm chair next
to the couch on the left side and in front was another couch in which a man
was stretched out with his feet on the couch in front of him. The three sat
down and began to look around. Almost immediately, a man from the back of the
room came and sat in the chair next to the couch. Janis was sitting nearest
the man, although about 2 feet away. There was much more light in this
theater and it didn’t take long before one could look around and see
practically everybody there. On the screen, two guys were screwing a woman,
one in the back and one had his cock buried in her mouth. She was moaning as
each man pumped the orifice to which his cock was attached. The man in back
pulled his cock from her vagina and came all over her ass. It was a large cum
shot with cum spurting from the end of his cock nearly to her head. Cum ran
all down her ass.

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G grunted in agreement as her
hand found J ‘s clit. J practically jumped off the tub floor as a flame of
passion swept from her toes to her throat. She groaned loudly as she mashed
her lips to G ‘s. She felt G ‘s fingers invade her cunt and she exploded in a
climax as her juices ran down her leg. “Oh God,” she moaned as she bucked
against G ‘s fingers moving in an out of her pussy. “I don’t know if I will
ever be the same after this week.” “Me either,” said G as the two women
clung to each other regaining the strength to finish this shower.

They rinsed one another off and stepped from the tub, turning off the water.
They began to dry themselves. “Why have we been able to just turn ourselves
into practically nymphomaniacs during this week?” asked J . “I don’t know,”
said G . “This is the most sex I have had in months. I know these breasts
attract men like flies, but I mostly just turn them away. Sometimes I like to
tease men with them – I wear some low cut outfit with no bra underneath and
watch men’s eyes jump out of their heads. Men are so stupid sometimes.” “I
know, I wish I had a set like that. People look at me and think I don’t have
a tit one. It used to really bother me but I finally quit trying to grow
bigger and just accepted the fact. P is the first person I know of that
hasn’t said a word about them.

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She continued to run G ‘s clit as she slowly worked herself down on her knees
and began to suck and run her tongue across the sensitive love bud that G
supported in that slit. G was moaning and J began to taste the love juices
dripping from the cunt she was licking. Although she had licked G before,
this was the first time that she had done it alone with G and she had not
been all hot and bothered before she started. She found this a little
disconcerting since she had never considered herself as a “bi” prior to this
episode. Now that she was with G , she wondered if she really was what people
considered “bi.” She sucked on G ‘s clit and began to finger fuck the cunt
that she was licking. G had raised her leg and set her foot on the tub rim
so J could have better access to her pussy.

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Janis was sucking on Peter’s cock now. Janis enjoyed sucking Peter’s cock.
It wasn’t too big, six or seven inches at the most and she didn’t have too
much trouble taking the whole thing in her mouth. She thought about the man
she had seen in the movie they had been to. She could never have taken a dick
that big in her mouth. Peter’s cock was becoming harder now and she noticed
that he was beginning to breath a little faster. She licked the head of his
penis and looked up at him watching her give him a blow job. She glanced at
Garolynn who was watching her intently. She had never done any of the things
that had happened over the last two days and was amazed that she could
willingly do any of this. As Peter’s cock became harder, she knew he was
about ready to cum. She could feel the juices flowing in her cunt as she
became excited, wanting him to cum in her mouth. She like the taste of his
cum and she like pleasing him. She liked Garolynn too, and was excited that
the friendships had worked out this way. She began sucking harder on Peter’s
cock, anticipating his cumming.

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Peter rubbed his fingers in
the juices flowing from Garolynn’s cunt and slowly inserted 1 then 2 and then
three fingers in Garolynn’s rectal orifice. He moved both hands to her hip
gyration as she began moaning louder and louder. “Play with her tits and
nipples as she starts cumming,” Peter suggested. Janis continued to watch
Peter fist fuck Garolynn as she squeezed those mammaries that she had envied
when they fell from their restraints. She noticed that Peter had inserted a
fourth finger into Garolynn’s ass and was fucking both holes as Garolynn
thrust against them. Garolynn began to stiffen as she approached another
climax. Juices began running down Peter’s arm as Garolynn became lost in the
rippling from her mons to her tits and back down to her toes. Her toes were
opening and closing now as she bucked wildly against Peter’s hands. As Janis
watched, Peter inserted his whole hand in Garolynn’s ass and was fist fucking
both her ass and her pussy at the same time. Garolynn was rigid now, sucking
little short breaths and bucking with short little strokes. She didn’t even
notice that she had two fist in her orifices and that Janis was watching the
whole thing. She didn’t care. All she cared about was the rippling flames
running up and down her body. She was wild with emotion.

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Garolynn was lying back
on the bed now with her pussy fully exposed at the edge of the bed. Janis was
sucking on the clit and Peter was fucking her pussy. Garolynn felt Peter’s
thumb enter her asshole as he continued the motions that were beginning to
bring the knot of climax to her stomach. She could feel the juices running
down her ass as they flowed out of her pussy. Janis tongue was driving her
crazy and the combined motion was something she had not felt before. Suddenly
there was a sharp pain in her cunt. She cried out, but the pain subsided
almost immediately. She could feel his fist in her. Janis quit licking her
pussy as she watched Peter fist fuck Garolynn. Janis could not believe that
Garolynn would accept that large fist in her cunt without cries of protest,
yet Garolynn was gyrating her hips in unison with Peter’s thrusts. Peter’s
arm went in Garolynn up to his wrist and she noticed all the fluids leaking
from Garolynn’s hot cunt. Garolynn began to cum. Her hips were gyrating with
each thrust Peter made. Janis had never seen this before and she was amazed.
“Put some fingers in her ass,” Janis whispered.

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“Oh, for Pete’s sake, you just sucked her pussy a few minutes ago. What’s the matter. You surely know how to heat a woman up, you are one you know,” Peter stated matter of factly. Garolynn raised herself off the floor and sat on the edge of the bed. Janis moved her
head between Garolynn’s legs and slowly began to suck and flick her tongue
across Garolynn’s clit. “That’s good,” Peter said. Garolynn began moving
slowly against Janis’s motions. She placed her hands on Janis’s head and
moved it up and down her pussy as she watched Janis tongue her love hole and
clit. Peter moved to Janis’s left and began inserting fingers into Garolynn’s
love hole. First one, two, finally four. Janis was still licking Garolynn’s
clit as Peter slowly, rythmically finger fucked her.

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I flexed my hips again and again, up and down, an orgasm building like a crescendo between our bodies. When the energy was screaming, shrilling
throughout my body, when it could be denied no further by either of us, I
quickly disengaged and turned my body around.
I pushed my pussy lips into his face. Kevin had no idea how to respond,
but he instinctively began to lap at my tender flesh. His tongue stabbed
forward, rasping over my clitoris. What he lacked in experience, he made up
with enthusiasm. He licked me from clit to cunt-hole, driving himself up into
my body as our orgasms exploded.

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Slowly, shakily, I stood up, straddling Kevin’s flat, powerful hips with my widely spread feet. From a position towering above his reclining body, I
squatted down and grasped his pulsing cock in my hands, guiding it to my
pussy. I held my cunt above him just an instant, rubbing the head of his cock
between the blonde-haired lips of my pussy. And then I pushed down.
He entered my cunt very, very slowly, filling me with his hardness,
stretching the already lubricated walls of my pussy. I sat erect on his
belly, my head thrown back, my spine in inversed curve, and I could feel his
hardness slipping up into my body. I could feel the head of his cock
throbbing against the sticky passageway.
He was like a long thick fire being swallowed by my body, a long thick
hardness moving deeper and deeper up my cunt. I pushed all the way down, as
hard as I could, and I found myself sitting on his lap. His cock, that
powerful, merciless shaft was buried to the hilt inside my cunt.
I began to ride him. I say I rode him because he did nothing but lie
there under me, his penis standing straight up like a deeply rooted tree.
Gingerly, balancing on my steep heels, I put my hands on my knees and began to
raise and lower my pelvis. I was literally doing deep-knee bends. And Kevin
was sliding all the way in, and almost all the way out of me as I moved up and

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Lowering my head to his groin, I exhaled hotly as I lay the tip of his
manhood on my lower lip, extending my tongue so that I could tease the small
little hole into giving me its pearl.
“Oh, my God!” he moaned. “Oh, my God!”
I let my tongue travel in tiny circles, teasingly, gradually centering in
on his most sensitive spot. And when I got to that tender ridge, Kevin just
stopped breathing, and his entire body tightened up. Opening my mouth a
little more, I took his whole length in my mouth. Right down to his hairy
I closed my lips around the base and held absolutely still for just a
second as a chill ran down my spine. I rubbed my thighs together, massaging
my burning pussy, nearly climaxing again from the excitement.
Kevin enlarged rapidly inside my warm suctioning mouth until he was
pushing against the back of my throat. I began to gag, and I had to withdraw,
letting his now turgid spire slide gradually from my lips.

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Kevin’s phallus drooped lazily to the left, showing no sign of the size and vigor it had only minutes before. I reached over and lightly caressed his spongy penis with the finger tips of my right hand. He jumped the instant my fingers made contact with his resting organ.
He spread his thighs, and I reached for his hanging love spheres. The
tips of my fingers barely touched his gonads when I heard Kevin gasp. I felt
his balls writhe against my fingertips, as I repeatedly brushed at them. My
eyes burned as I watched his penis begin to straighten and elongate.
I curled my fingers around his thickening shaft and lightly milked his
shaft, real slow and easy, tantalizing him. Virility was pumping back into
his shaft, bringing back his raging erection, if anything more awesome than
before. Kevin trembled and moaned as I massaged his growing organ.

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“That feels so good!” I exhaled as he slowly probed my lustful sex
tunnel. He began to slide his middle finger in and out, and I loved the
stimulation. He soon had two fingers, then three buried deep inside my horny
cunt. I bit my lower lip every time I felt my orgasm flaring up. Several
times I was on the verge of coming, and held back, but then I lost control.
My body exploded in orgasm as I screamed with satisfied lust.
“Oh baby, do it to my pussy! Push your hand all the way inside me. I’m
coming! Pleeeeease! Don’t stop!”
I had three quick, shattering orgasms in a row, and I felt like I was
going to pass out. I practically fell over, and when I finally stopped
shaking, and turned to Kevin and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Silently, I
had him lie down on his back on the thickly carpeted floor. I slid my damp
panties down my legs and off, then knelt next to Kevin on the floor.