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I was caught unawares by the first hot rush of Rob’s come
filling my mouth. It surprised me so much that I pulled my
mouth off the erupting penis, only to receive several more
gushes directly across my upturned face. I remember feeling
his come splatting across my nose, then hitting me directly
in the eye.

It was strange to see him shoot his sperm out like that.
I’d never actually been in a situation like that before,
but it certainly turned me on. And I continued to watch
with prurient interest as Rob’s orgasm began to subside.

His still very erect penis became covered with his own come
as the spurts became weaker and began dripping down his
shaft and into his hairy balls. I was about to take him back
into my mouth and do a little cleaning up when I heard a

I looked up and saw Beth standing behind Rob, a look of
total shock on her face. In that moment I realized what I
must have looked like to her, with her husband’s come all
over my face and my head between his legs as I held on to
the edge of their pool. It must have been a real sight!