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“Do you want to invite them to our room?” asked Peter quietly. “No,” said
Janis. “Who knows what you might catch!” “You’re right,” said Peter
dismissing the idea. Garolynn began to moan softly as she came again under
Peter’s fingering. “Oh God, Peter, I have to do something,” said Janis. A
woman on the screen was giving a giant cock a blow job. As Janis looked at
the screen, the man began to come wildly. Semen squirted all over the woman’s
face. It ran down her chest as he finished squirting on her tits. She raised
her left breast to her mouth and licked the cum from its nipple. The man
moved to her slit and began to lick the clit. Juices were flowing from her
cunt as her hips began to gyrate wildly to the movements of his tongue.
Screams began issuing from her lips as she began to cum. Juices flowed across
the face of the man sucking her pussy as she flailed wildly to spasms shooting
through her hips. Janis was so wet that she felt the wet spot soaking through
the dress that covered her pussy. She raised the dress as she began massaging
the swollen clit that ached in her crotch. Peter grabbed her hands as
Garolynn and he guided her from the theater. Janis could hardly make it to
the car. Janis climbed into the back seat as Garolynn climbed in behind her.
Peter watched as Garolynn bent over and began tounging Janis’s clit. Janis
began screaming almost immediately as waves of emotion rocked her body.

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As Janis leaned back on the couch, she saw another man sitting in the chair
next to the couch. He had a tremendous hard on. She was tempted to reach
over and touch it, but refrained. She felt a hand on her knee and moved over
toward Peter. “Peter,” Janis whispered. “This man is bothering me.” Peter
grabbed the man’s hand, “Take a hike,” Peter said firmly to the man. The man
scurried to the back of the theater. “I bet you would have like to lick that
dick,” Peter teased. Janis grabbed his cock through his pants and gave a
quick twist. “Ow,” giggled Peter.

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gyrating wildly, as each flick of the tongue on her clit drove her to ecstacy.