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She had just watched two women making love to one another and nearly came as
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Coupled with the two men blowing each other, the woman fucking and sucking
right in front of her, she could hardly stand herself. teen groupsexShe looked over at
Garolynn and noticed that Garolynn’s skirt was raised up so her pussy could be
seen by anyone who looked. Peter’s hand as slowly flicking her clit as
Garolynn involuntarily thrust her hips into his flicking finger. Janis was
going crazy. She had seen so much sex in the last half or three quarters of
an hour that if she didn’t cum soon she thought her stomach would explode.
All she needed was for Peter to flick her clit like he was doing to Garolynn.
She grasped Peter’s hand and moved it toward her pussy. As he touched her
thigh, she started to moan softly. Peter quickly moved his hand away. “Do
you want everyone in the theater to be over here as you cum?” Peter asked. “I
don’t really care right now,” Janis whispered. “All I want to do is cum.”
The girl in front turned around and grinned.
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