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Of singular interest to me was the fact that she never used perfume of any
sort. Yet sitting beside Norma, especially on a dank, humid day, I’d perceive a
decided redolence about her. How could this be described? Musky? No, musty
might possibly be more accurate. The closest I could compare Norma’s olfactory
aura to would be that of jonquils. This scent had a profound influence upon me;
throughout most of the class I’d be burdened with a massive erection. Later,
when time came for a piss-break, I noted that the end of my cock
was wet with the glaire of arousal.
Norma was definitely an unconventional sort; latter-day hippie should well
suffice to describe her. Every so often, she’d punctuate innocuous conversation
with non sequiturs such as “Damn cold makes my nipples hard!” and “Can you loan
me a dime for the tampon-machine?” Parenthetically, now that I think of it, she
never did pay back any of lo, those many dimes she borrowed.