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Had it not been for the other night at the restuarant, I probably
still would be trying. He’s nice, I like him. And he is pretty intelligent
too. Whenever he says something, I find myself listening. He is a bit
critical at times and I think he should keep his mouth shut once in a while.
He does have good points most of the time but people have to be careful about
what they say in this outfit. Criticism is not high on the list of the things
that one should be doing. It sounds like there is more to your relationship
than just sex and friendship though?”

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her panties. “Maybe its just infatuation, but God, there is sure something
there. I just want to grab him and put him somewhere where no one else will
find him. When he makes love to me, I go completely beserk. He takes me over
heights that I have never been to before. When he gets me going, there is
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man at this convention if he wanted me to. I just can’t explain the way I
feel about him.” “Well, I have to admit, he is one hell of a lover. He sure
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